Drink up!

24 March 2014 by
First published: 17 March 2014

Water is the best beverage out there – so drink up!

You may think you need all manner of fancy sports drinks to power you through your workouts, but water really is the best tonic when it comes to hydrating, pre, post and during exercise.

The Advertising Standards Authority has been cracking down on sports drinks manufacturers who claim that their product can hydrate better than water. Sports drinks can be beneficial if you’re exercising at a high-intensity for more than an hour, but otherwise water will do just fine.

Dr Emma Derbyshire, Senior Lecturer in nutritional physiology at Manchester Metropolitan University and advisor to the Natural Hydration Council says, ‘For most light intensity types of exercise including recreational swimming, golf and walking, and for any physical activity lasting less than one hour, water will rehydrate you adequately.’

Try to drink little and often to stay on the ball. ‘Sip water in small amounts before, during and after exercise,’ says Dr Derbyshire. ‘Replenish fluids regularly especially when sweat rates are high and/or exercising in warm environments.’