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28 June 2017 by
First published: 25 April 2017

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We’ve teamed up with the girls from Clean Beauty Co to celebrate the launch of their brand new book, Clean Beauty – Recipes to manage your beauty routine naturally, and to bring you skin-loving recipes that you can whip up and slather on your body for seriously gorgeous skin. All you need to do is raid your store cupboard and get making!

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It’s easier than these beautiful pictures make it look – and with a little bit of handy know-how from the founders, you’ll be whipping up your own good-for-you skin treats in no time!

‘The idea for Clean Beauty Co and making our own beauty products was a natural extension of what we were already doing with food: moving away from processed foods and trying to gain a better understanding of how food fuelled our bodies. If we were doing this for what we put into our bodies, why weren’t we thinking about what we put onto our bodies?’

‘When we realised we were paying big bucks for moisturisers and treatments that were just simply not worth it, we felt disappointed and a little betrayed. We decided to make a change by taking control of exactly what went into our beauty products – by making our own! We were pleasantly surprised how easy it was and how we were able to find most of the ingredients in our kitchen cupboard.’

Download Your free Guide To Glowing Skin now: