Join the Make One Change campaign

20 April 2017 by
First published: 24 April 2016

Support your community and join the Make One Change campaign to make a real difference to the British food industry!

The Make One Change campaign encourages shoppers to buy their groceries closer to home, with the strapline: “Keep it in the Community”. The Make One Change campaign was created by food and drink website – as it firmly believes that local and rural food businesses are the key to the future of food in the UK.

Supermarkets are continuing to import produce from abroad and reduce prices, which is putting UK food producers in a bit of a pickle! If supermarkets continue to knock down prices at the rate they’re going, UK food producers will inevitably go out of business. It’s our duty to help them stay on their feet by supporting smaller producers, shopping locally and giving our farmers a chance to sell to their communities.

Anthony Davison, founder of BigBarn, has spoken about the importance of the Make One Change campaign: ‘It’s a worrying time for British food. Small, family farms are going out of business because they can’t make ends meet, tonnes of homegrown crops are being wasted every day because they don’t meet the high standards of the supermarkets, and more and more crops are being imported. If we don’t act soon, we won’t have a food industry to talk about.

‘Big Barn is all about driving new business to local food and drink producers and retailers and encouraging more people to shop locally. Make One Change supports this and this year’s theme ‘Keep It In The Community’ aims to reignite peoples’ interest in the high street and really get shoppers thinking about the way their buy their groceries, and whether they do have time to visit the local butcher, get their fruit and vegetables from the farm shop, or sell a few of their own crops through their local store. Small changes can make a big difference so every little helps.’

But the Make One Change campaign doesn’t stop there. As part of this year’s campaign, Anthony is also setting up a local food hub in his village Alconbury and introducing his corner shop to Crop for the Shop. This is an initiative that enables local growers to sell any surplus crops to small retailers. This will reduce waste and increase revenue for smaller food retailers.

Last year, Make One Change received a lot of national publicity and this year it aims to do the same, if not better! Visit to learn more about the Make One Change 2016 campaign and to find out how you can become a part of it.