Tales from Woodlandia

20 April 2017 by
First published: 23 December 2016

Get into the spirit of the season with Tales from Woodlandia

Tales from Woodlandia is a magical immersive winter installation held at Brighton’s Patterns, the iconic, award-winning seafront cocktail bar. Surround yourself in a wonderland this winter, but with a totally modern twist.

Complete with a boozy hot chocolate menu, magical projection-art featuring wild animals and falling snow, hearty food options and a Narnia-esque hidden entrance and décor, you will be totally captivated in every magical part of Christmas time, until the end of February 2017.

Uncover an enchanted woodland filled with sentimental goodies and immersive visual feasts inspired by Britain’s woodlands and the wild outdoors in winter. Reminiscent of scenes from CS Lewis’s ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, the bar will be converted into a snowy wonderland brought to life by a multi-level digitally projected and interlinked forest, complete with beautifully elegant snowflakes and friendly wild animals, and it’s not just visual, there will be scents of the forest air too

Inside, you’ll discover Christmasy treats such all the hot chocolate you could ever wish for and Hot Buttered Rum to sit back with as you relax watching a flock of birds fly around the room or a snow fox dart in front of you. Envision watching the sunset from a discarded Chesterfield sofa with a warming cocktail in hand, dancing amongst the swirling snow in the glow of a Victorian lamppost and you will be half way to Woodlandia. It sounds perfect to us.

But it’s also wellness orientated. To top it all off, there will also be a ‘Yoga in the Forest’ event. Yoga instructor Alexandra Murphy will welcome guests for an hour of stretching, strengthening and relaxing in an environment like no other. Welcome winter with a grounding practice on 17 December.

For more information, head to http://patternsbrighton.com/tales-from-woodlandia-patterns/ , the winter Woodlandia awaits.