Rooted Spring Reset Supperclub

18 May 2016 by
First published: 20 March 2015

Are you in the mood for a spring overhaul? Look no further…

If you’re as over winter as we are then Rooted London’s Spring Reset Supperclub is the perfect way to wave goodbye to the chill.

The same talented team that have made healthy, whole food their daily fare have launched a monthly supperclub to celebrate good food in great company. Rooted London’s philosophy ‘Real Food, Sustainably Sourced and Rooted in Nature’ means that all their foods are nutrient-rich, seasonal, plant-based and vegan-friendly. The company currently offer a bespoke food package service to help people ease into or maintain a vegan diet, as well as food coaching sessions to educate and inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle.

On 21 March, they invite you to their humble abode (at yoga studio Stretch) to feast the ‘Rooted’ way. The dining event offers three vegetarian and vegan courses with a cocktail (all other beverages are bring your own) and a treat to take home!

Whether you fancy doing something that’s (a lot) more fun than dinner down the local pub or feel like your taste buds deserve a different sort of treat, this is an experience to pop in your diary. Come alone or come with friends and you’ll have a great time meeting other food-lovin’ buddies!

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