Get lifting in support of breast cancer research

20 October 2017 by
First published: 20 October 2017

Get lifting in support of breast cancer research

The Strong Sisters Games, held next weekend at The Foundry, is an opportunity to lift heavy, make some friends and raise money for Breast Cancer Now. Can you think of a better way to spend your Sunday?

Get empowered

If you’ve never done a City Strongman class at The Foundry before, you’re missing out on a whole lot of flipping, pushing and pulling really heavy things. That’s just part of the fun, though. Throw into the mix a day full of bants, camaraderie and perfecting your lifting techniques, and we can guarantee it’ll be worth your while. Expect a few days of serious DOMS to follow, though…

Do something good

But now there’s an opportunity to do all of the above, plus a little more. The Foundry is hosting a special event called the Strong Sisters Games. A day just for the women (sorry, lads) to get together, work hard, play harder and raise money for Breast Cancer Now. All proceeds from the event will go to the UK’s largest breast cancer charity – it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, after all. Why not lift for a good cause?

Work with the best

If you’ve never so much as curled a dumbbell in your life, chucking about atlas stones can seem a little daunting, but The Foundry have got their best instructors helping you get strong and inspired throughout the day, with Laura Hoggins, Ali McKenzie, Ben Gotting, Dave Thomas, Nadia Ohaka and Anna-Maria Ronnqvist all part of the stellar line-up of instructors. If you’ve ever wanted to learn from elite trainers in an energetic, fun and motivational atmosphere, now’s your chance.

‘Not that we’ve got anything against the lads, but there is something very special, empowering and explosive when a group of amazing, ambitious and energetic women get together over a quick natter and a few atlas stones to platforms,’ says instructor Laura Hoggins (AKA @bicepsandbronzer). We totally agree – which is why we’ve bagged our tickets to the female-only fitness event of the century.

The Strong Sisters games will be held at The Foundry on Sunday 29 October, 2-5pm.

Please note, tickets for this event are sold out. Keep your eyes peeled for the next date in the series!