Digme Studio Review

20 April 2017 by
First published: 8 September 2016

Sick of the same old spinning session? Mix things up a bit and take a look at why you can have the ride of your life with the Digme studio review.

The rise in popularity of indoor cycling classes has reached an all time peak with boutique spinning studios popping up left, right and centre. Deciding which one to go for can leave your head in a spin when you can choose between a full body workout on a bike, spinning in a nightclub or even cycling in a swimming pool. So why should you try out Digme and why is it so different from the others?

Taking the spinning concept to a whole new level with top-end equipment and software, Digme have created a studio suitable for athletes and novices alike. No expense has been spared at the creation of this Richmond based studio where participants can expect state of the art equipment and a place that offers high-quality flexible options for exercise. Having an ethos of ‘no contracts, just results’ all classes are pay as you go between 7am and 9pm during the week and mornings on a weekend. Allowing people to have more control over their fitness is just one of the many reasons that Dimge has managed to create such an appealing concept.

Walking in to the beautifully designed studio you feel an instant warmth as staff greet you like an old friend. There is a strong focus on community at Digme where your name is remembered and all successes are celebrated regardless of age or level. You can expect complimentary cycling shoes and towels along with spacious showers, luxury changing facilities, deluxe Cowshed and GHD products. Shopaholics will enjoy the range of products on sale and foodies will be excited to learn that they’re soon to be serving up Neat nutrition protein shakes!

For team WHL there’s three key things that really make Digme stand out from the rest –

The arena

The studio itself is set up in an arena style with 51 bikes laid out over 3 tiers with the instructor at the front on the podium. There’s an amazing backdrop of UV lights which matches the tempo of the music. At the front are two large screens with scenic routes and roads you pedal your way through. Riders can track their bikes, see where they are on the screen and look at their own data. Each instructor has to manage giving instructions, coordinating music and lights, and controlling the screens all while riding at the same pace as participants! That’s some serious skill!

The bikes

Forgoing the standard spinning bike, Digme have gone state of the art and added Keiser bikes to their studio for the ultimate ride. These high performance bikes are a bit tricky when you first get on them, but after a few minutes of riding you won’t want to get on anything else. Having gears rather than resistance handles you will have a far more accurate ride and know you’re going to be at the correct level the whole way through. Using the same technology as polar to record rider data the bikes allow you to track your progress as you ride.

The data

One of the most unique features that Digme boasts is the amount of personal data available to riders during their session. Instructors are able to switch the screens to show the distance covered, calories burned, heart rate and power used by participants. It also shows a leader board which can either be a good or bad thing depending on how you’re doing! All date is recorded and emailed to riders after the session along with details of the playlist. Clever!

Digme is open in Richmond all day Monday – Friday and weekend mornings. Studios will also be opening in Oxford and central London later in the year. Prices start at £11 per session with introductory packages available for a limited time.

Head to Digme Fitness for more information.