Win a winter workout bundle!

19 November 2015 by
First published: 20 November 2015

The days are getting shorter and the weather’s getting cold. Are you in need of a little extra motivation to power your winter workout? Enter our competition to win a winter workout bundle!

Sometimes it seems much more inviting to spend a warm night in with your feet up, than brave the cold and blast that workout. However, if you let your workout regime go out the window during winter you will have lots of catching up to do come 2016. If you need a little helping hand to keep pushing through the cold, we have got just the thing for you.

In the WHL tote bag you will find:

– Muc-Off warm up cream: Don’t let the cold weather hold you back. This luxurious cream will warm, strengthen and stimulate your body pre-workout. Rub on before you head out into the cold to train and this innovative mix of natural extracts and Muc-off’s own self-heating system will provide soothing warmth to cold muscles. With this in your kit-bag you will be ready to tackle anything that mother throws at you.

– Muc-Off recovery balm: Banish achy, tried muscles with this amino recovery balm. Powered with Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in muscle cells, this handy balm helps recovery after strenuous exercise. Muc-off recovery balm aids muscle regeneration and can help boost energy. So if you are feeling a little achy and lacklustre this winter Muc-off balm will be your saving grace.

Spa London candle: Ease sore muscles with this sweet and sensual cacao flower massage candle. In this busy season take a little time to yourself, to relax and unwind. Light the candle and allow the heat of the flame to melt the fragrant oil. Indulge your senses and massage the warm oil into cold and achy muscles.

Nathan lock laces: No more cold hands while you fiddle with pesky undone laces. Nathan Lock Laces easily clip in place and stay secure no matter how hard you workout. These fun, bright laces will bring a little sunshine to dark winter days, and mean you won’t be missed while you are on your winter run.

Nathan wrist runner 2: Ultra light weight and designed for comfort, the Nathan wrist runner is all you need to take on your winter run. You won’t have to put your coins in your shoe, or credit card in your bra to run with your hands free anymore, with this clever little wristband. The double fold pocket will keep your cash and cards safe, meaning you can concentrate on your run. Form fitting and moisture wicking, you won’t want to run without it.

Neat Nutrition whey protein in vanilla: Made using certified organic ingredients and natural flavourings Neat nutrition’s whey protein is a great addition to any fit foodies diet. Protein is an essential macronutrient, it can help speed metabolism, improve muscle building and recovery and keep us feeling full and satisfied. Try this delicious vanilla whey in a shake after your workout, or stir into porridge in the morning to start your day right and keep you fuelled till lunch.

– Wahoo Fitness Ticker X: Motivate yourself to stay active this winter with this clever little fitness tracker. Monitor your heart rate to see whether you need to slow down or pump up the intensity of your workout. Use the Wahoo X to monitor your activity and your calories to keep you on track. The running analytics feature provides personalised feedback on your running techniques, giving you all the tools to become a pro runner. The tracker connects to an easily downloadable app, so you’ve got all this info available on your phone.

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