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First published: 25 November 2016

Pink Parcel is here! Find out why we heart Pink Parcel in our review.

We know there are a lot of subscription box services on the market, but this is one seriously worth sitting up and listening to. Why? Pink Parcel is all about periods. Yep, that’s right, it tackles the one thing that we dread every month and turns it into something to look forward to.

Gone are the days of moaning about your monthly – with Pink Parcel all of your period problems are solved, and then some. Born out of an idea to ensure women would never be caught out during their periods again, Pink Parcel has grown to give monthly box subscriptions a whole new meaning.

So how does it work?

Luckily for us, Pink Parcel couldn’t be easier. Simply choose your favourite brand of tampons and/or pads (it stocks a wide selection of sanitary products so they’re sure to have your go-to), tell it the dates of your period so the box can arrive right on cue and then just sit back and wait.

Whether your period arrives at a super-inconvenient time, or those first few days are uncomfortable and annoying, you can rest assured that your little Pink Parcel, chock full of cheerful goodies, will save the day.

So what’s in the box?

Not only will you get a substantial supply of your chosen tampons or pads (or both!), but the monthly delivery also rivals some of the best beauty boxes currently on the market. From face masks, nail polishes, tea bags, healthy snacks, make-up and chocolate (because who doesn’t want [read: need] chocolate during their period?), it provides you with all the tools to turn your week around.

A testament to its product (and an insight into some of the items you can expect in your boxes), Pink Parcel has over 150 partners, including Pip & Nut, L’Oréal, Cadbury, Elizabeth Arden, Teapigs and OPI.

It probably comes with a hefty monthly price tag, right? Wrong. Your first parcel is only £6.99, with further boxes coming in at £10.50 each. Your Pink Parcel will also be delivered straight to your door, meaning less time at the shops buying those luxury sanitary items, and more time curled up on the sofa wrapped in a duvet watching Friends bloopers and eating choccy.

One favourite bit?

Alongside making kick-ass boxes these guys are on a mission to get people talking about their periods, and put a stop to the taboo it seems to have become. For example, when Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui spoke about how her period affected her performance at the Rio Olympics this summer, Pink Parcel was amongst her biggest fans.

With an inspiring blog and engaging social media platforms, Pink Parcel has created a community of women who are not only proud to have periods, but are willing to talk openly about them, too.

Get yours now

Pink Parcel answers all of our period prayers, and we don’t quite know how we lived without it. For more information or to sign up, head to pinkparcel.co.uk.

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