Water workouts we love

20 April 2017 by
First published: 14 February 2017

Looking to switch up your fitness routine? Dive into these water workouts we love.

We like to be ahead of the game here at WHL, which is why a new influx of water workouts didn’t slip our attention. The latest trend to sweep London’s fitness scene, water- or pool-based classes are growing in popularity – and for good reason. Swimming is great for general fitness, improving cardiovascular health, muscle tone and flexibility, but its low-impact, high-resistance nature is what attracts fitness enthusiasts the most. Whether you’re returning from injury or simply want to put your joints under less stress, but still require a high-intensity, effective workout, swimming-based classes might be your next go-to. Don’t fancy getting wet? There are plenty of classes that offer a wealth of benefits on top of the water, too. Read on to discover the water workouts we love.


Hydro powered by Speedo at Virgin Active is a true all-rounder. Whether you’re a gym-goer looking to improve your swimming, an experienced swimmer wishing to shake up your training regime or someone coming back from injury looking for low-impact training, the 60-minute high-intensity workout will benefit anyone. Using a combination of longer distance swims at low intensity mixed with shorter distance sprints at a higher intensity, alongside resistance exercises, Hydro will improve fitness, burn calories and build muscle – specifically targeting shoulders, upper pectorals and the core. The best bit? It’s highly effective. Research from Speedo found that swimming for 30 minutes is just as effective as an hour of land-based exercise, meaning Hydro can offer the same results in half the time.


Water workouts don’t always have to mean getting wet; some classes, such as Floatfit, are done on top of the water. This 30 minute yoga-inspired HIIT workout sees you performing movements such as burpees, lunges, squats, aqua-climbers and V-sits on a SUP-inspired board – called the Aquabase – in a pool. Low-impact and super-fun, Floatfit will test your balance and work your entire body – just try not to fall in!


Aqua Zumba
Couple a love of swimming with a love of dance with Fitness First’s Aqua Zumba class. Classic Zumba moves are taken out of the studio and into the pool, with the surrounding water acting as natural resistance to make the class even harder. (Water is, after all, approximately 800 times denser than air.) This whole body workout will strengthen core muscles, increase muscle tone and up endurance levels. What’s more, with the water making the workout less taxing on your joints, you’ll be able to really let loose and release your inner Beyoncé.


Inspired by the iconic Insanity workouts, SwimSanity takes the same gruelling principles into the water for 60 minutes of serious exercise. Developed in London and based on HIIT training, SwimSanity delivers a high-intensity aerobic and conditioning workout class minus the stress on the joints. Utilising interchangeable drills, no one class will ever be the same. The class also incorporates swimming stroke techniques to help individuals better their swimming, too. High-energy music and enthusiastic coaches mean this is a class you’ll want to keep coming back to.


SUP yoga
One of the better known water classes, stand up paddle (SUP) yoga combines the traditional wellness practice with the ever-popular water sport. Perfect your downward dog and tree pose to the backdrop of the calming water, while your body works hard to keep balance. The unstable platform will force you to engage your core far more than on land, improving muscle tone and balance at the same time. A change of setting might benefit your mind too: focusing on not falling in is a surefire way to stop your mind wandering on to that work project you have to finish or that lingering family dispute. With lots of SUP Yoga classes in London to choose from, Active 360 is our fave.