VOGA for mums

21 February 2017 by
First published: 5 March 2017

Voga for mums – because becoming a yummy mummy is just a downward dog away.

City restaurant Coq d’Argent has teamed up with House of Voga to host monthly Voga Mama classes. With two events under its belt, the third class on 26 March is set to be just as successful as the last couple.

Designed by Juliet Murrell, creator and founder of the fashion-meets-fitness movement Voga, this exclusive class allows mums-to-be to enjoy all the benefits of the original Voga classes in a safe, fun and supportive environment. Since it begun, Voga has been making waves for its fashion-inspired, vogue-esque take on yoga. Set to an iconic ’80s soundtrack, classes combine dynamic dance, disco and breath-synchronised movement for an expressive, uninhibited and super-fun class. With mostly floor-based exercises and ‘chill out’ options available, Voga Mama caters for varying comfort levels of each participant.

During her own pregnancy, Juliet was inspired to create Voga Mama to help other expecting mums get fit in the months leading up to the birth. ‘Voga Mama routines hone in on the classic body insecurities of many expectant mums,’ she said of the class. ‘We focus on arm gestures designed to both tone and build a sense of female power, shoulder and neck exercises to release pre-birthing anxiety, thigh and hip opening techniques to strengthen the body for birth, and breath flow to calm the mind and connect with the body at this stressful but exciting time in any expectant mother’s life.’

But it isn’t just the class itself getting us excited. Afterwards, guests are invited to enjoy Coq d’Argent’s delicious vegan menu, which includes golden and red beetroot salad, wild mushroom and artichoke risotto, and vanilla poached pineapple. How’s that for post-yoga fuel?

Classes take place from 11am – 12pm on the last Sunday of every month and cost £15 per person. To book, head here.