Veg-spiration at Sainsbury’s

20 April 2017 by
First published: 15 June 2016

Veggie lovers – you’re in for a treat! The UK’s first Vegetable Butchers is on its way to London and it’s coming to a Sainsbury’s near you. Yes you read correctly: a whole counter, full of vegetables (no meat in sight!)The first of its kind veggie counter is set to open in Sainsbury’s Wandsworth superstore this week for three days only so if you fancy yourself some fresh veggies then this is an event not to be missed.

Sainsbury’s have teamed up with vegetable expert and artist Amber Locke (aka Raw Vegan Blonde), who will be on hand to show customers there really is no limit when it comes to incorporating vegetables into every day meals. Amber will be demonstrating a range of exciting vegetable preparation techniques from delicious avocado ribbons and broccoli noodles to how to julienne a pepper.

Customers will be encouraged to make the most of their favourite veggies from ‘root to tip’, leaving barely anything to waste, inspired by the rise in nose to tail eating and the expert knife skills found in traditional butchers. 

The Vegetable Butcher will help shoppers discover new ways to prepare the likes of carrots, broccoli and cucumbers, putting a modern twist on old dinner-time classics. She will also promote new varieties including beetroot and celeriac and help you to learn innovative ways to use all of the vegetable – all absolutely free.

Customers can purchase their favourite veggies and then take them to the counter for a preparation of their choosing – or to be encouraged to prepare and love them in a new way – at no further cost.

Amber said: ‘I am passionate about inspiring people to eat more vegetables and showing them just how many ways there are to prepare and enjoy classic produce such as a carrot or pepper, so the “Vegetable Butcher” is the perfect role for me. I can’t wait to hear what customers think of my vegetable-inspired creations, and hopefully food fans will be tempted to go home and try one of the new techniques for themselves this summer’.

Fancy it? The three-day pop-up is open at Sainsbury’s Wandsworth superstore from 16 – 18 June so don’t hang about. For more vegetable inspiration, head to or follow Sainsbury’s on Twitter at @SainsburysNews.