The rise of solo travel in 2017

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First published: 10 April 2017

The rise of solo travel in 2017

Statistics reveal more of us are travelling alone, giving way to the rise of solo travel in 2017. If you’re planning a trip for one, add these spots to your must-visit list.

The best places to travel alone

A recent survey found that 69 per cent of Brits will be taking their next trip solo. It also found that there has been a 230 per cent increase in the number of women-only travel companies. And when we approached travel company Contiki travel, it revealed that 66 per cent of their solo travellers in 2016 were women.

Travelling alone gives you the ultimate me-time. But if you are after some company once you’re on the road, there are plenty of travel agencies offering group tours, too. In fact, intrepid found that 60 per cent of its real-life adventure tours are made up of solo travellers and more than half of its total customers are travelling alone! The trend continues as 53 per cent of trips booked through Contiki in 2017 so far have been solo travellers. If you feel like getting a ticket out of here, make sure to check out these five spots that are ideal for solo travel.

The rise of solo travel in 2017

Bliss Sanctuary for Women, Bali

Bali: it’s the spot du jour and it’s all over our Instagram feeds, boasting a tropical paradise loved by travellers. Founded by Australian Zoë Watson, Blissful Sanctuary was born through her own struggle to find a place to unwind. Forget the organised group activities that you often have to face when travelling solo, this is truly a self-nurturing experience. Do what you like, when you like. No time schedule needed. Experience the unique beauty treatments, yoga classes and beautiful views in a couple-free, kid-free and male-free zone.

From £1,680,

The rise of solo travel in 2017

The Kiwi Experience, New Zealand

Known for its spectacular views, friendly people and Australasia’s highest bungy jump, New Zealand has to be on your bucket list. The Kiwi Experience is a tour designed for those who want to explore this stunning country off the beaten track, while not doing it completely without a plan or support. Purchase a flexible bus ticket, allowing you to hop on and off wherever you want. Decide for yourself how long you stay in each place and create your own Kiwi experience.

From £217,

The rise of solo travel in 2017

Contiki Island Hopper Trip, Thailand

Over the past few years Thailand has become one of the most popular places for backpackers to visit. And, according to Contiki, the number of solo travellers heading to Asia had nearly doubled from 2015 to 2016. Immerse yourself in the culture and visit elephant sanctuaries, temples and cooking schools, partake in snorkelling, diving and partying. City or beach lover, Thailand has got it all. Not only that, you can visit this beautiful place without worrying about splashing out. The Thai locals will welcome you with a smile, making it a great place to travel solo.

From £535,

The rise of solo travel in 2017

Kuoni Taj Tour, India

If you’ve ever watched the 2010 film Eat Pray Love, you’ll want to take your solo adventure to India. Experience Indian culture as you venture through the busy streets, eat authentic curry dishes and visit historic architecture. India will allow you to experience a spiritual way of life through it’s yoga training schools and diverse religions. New to 2017, Kuoni is offering dedicated departure dates on its most popular tours for solo travellers. This Taj Tour trip is ideal for those travelling alone, but who want to remain with a group. The guided tour of northern India takes you from Delhi to Agra, featuring a sunrise trip to the world-famous Taj Mahal, and back again.

From £1,621,

The rise of solo travel in 2017

Believe Surf & Yoga, Costa Rica

Believe Surf & Yoga is the place to go for a combination of activity and relaxation. Founders Lucho and Martin moved to Santa Teresa, 150 kilometres west of the capital city of San José in Costa Rica, following their dream of living by the beach, surfing every day and enabling others to enjoy their home and what they love doing. Three out of four Believe Surf & Yoga guests are solo travellers meaning you definitely won’t feel out of place if you pitch up without your posse. Private or shared dorms are available, alongside daily yoga and surf lessons, as well as extra activities, including horse riding and zip lining.

From £362,

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The rise of solo travel in 2017
Statistics reveal more of us are travelling alone, giving way to the rise of solo travel in 2017. If you’re planning a trip for one, add these spots to your must-visit list.