Staying motivated this summer

7 August 2017 by
First published: 15 August 2017

Having trouble staying motivated this summer? These 8 top tips will sort you out.

So you’ve slogged it out in the gym to get beach bod ready, but summer comes and social events pile up, then before you know it the gym becomes a distant memory. But working out can be great fun in the summer months, so keep your motivation soaring with our top tips.

Stick to your routine

Don’t let one missed workout turn into a whole week’s worth of sessions being missed. Try to keep to your normal routine as much as possible, but be a bit flexible and allow the odd workout to drop off where necessary – without throwing the whole programme out. That way you can enjoy the social season feeling fit and strong, but without missing out on the parties!

Create a challenge

Tap into your competitive side and set up a challenge between you and a family member or friend. Maybe you and a sibling both could do with some motivation? Give yourselves 28 days to reach a specific goal such as who can perform the most pull-ups or get the highest 1 rep max on a compound lift. Having some healthy, light-hearted competition can really boost motivation and give your workouts a purpose.

Morning workouts 

Get up, workout, relax for the rest of the day. It has been found the working out in the morning can be much more beneficial than afternoon or evening gym sessions. If you can get it done before work and before its too hot, do it! That way you can enjoy sociable evenings and get your workout done before you have had the chance to make excuses.

Find an outside gym

One of the most refreshing things about the summer is that it gives you more options around how and where you train. Take your HIIT circuit outside, grab a pair of boxing gloves or find a steep hill to use for sprinting. There are also gyms which are based outside, such as The Farm, providing a great change of scenery.

Not just a summer bod

Remember that training hard and eating well should be a long term goal which you strive for every season, not just for summer. Don’t let it all go as soon as your holiday is over, change up your goals and regime to keep you motivated. Enjoy the trips and events you have planned, but keep your healthy lifestyle in mind and plan how you will move forward the rest of the year. You want to feel your best all the time, not just temporarily.

Get creative in the kitchen

We all know that training hard should be accompanied by eating well. Often people find this part the hardest. So try using new ingredients to create interesting dishes and experiment with your diet. If you normally get your protein from poultry, why not go for fish instead? Cook for a friend, buy a new recipe book or change up your macros if you’re following a strict plan.


Think back to last summer and how body-confident you felt. Hopefully by now you’ll be feeling happier, stronger and healthier which should motivate you to keep going! If you still don’t feel great, then now is the time to start making a change.

Try something new every week

Set yourself the task of picking up a new piece of equipment every week at the gym. Doing the same thing day in day out can become tedious for anyone. Never used a kettlebell? Find one of the many workout guides available on Instagram or Youtube and perform a whole-body circuit. Other options include boxing pads/gloves, TRX, Swiss ball or a barbell.