Packing made easy

29 June 2017 by
First published: 12 July 2017

Jetting off? Checking out our packing made easy guide!

You’re all booked. You’ve checked your passport, primped and prepped to the max and purchased those shades that were a little off budget but you’ll get loads of wear out of them. The only thing between you and a cold G&T is the dreaded packing. Usually left until a few sweat-inducing hours before you jet off – you know you’ll still be sitting on your bag willing it to close while the taxi driver beeps their horn repeatedly, right? It’s the nightmare we all know too well. Never fear, to help you out this summer, we’ve put together 5 savvy tips to stop the stress and help get your holiday started early.

Plan ahead

Easier said than done right? Taking time off often means overtime at work, as well as squeezing in those grooming appointments to get you looking and feeling your best. Any precious leftover hours are usually spent frantically online shopping to secure last minute must-haves. You need a holiday just to plan a holiday! But forward-planning really is key when it comes to clever packing. Set aside some time in advance of your break and make sure you use it to avoid eleventh-hour stress.

Mix and match outfits

Making outfit decisions when you have your full wardrobe in front of you can be tough enough, so consolidating a few key looks into one bag is daunting to say the least. The trick here is to mix and match your day time and evening looks – can you make those black heeled sandals work just as hard on the dance floor as on the sand? And are they comfy enough to meander through city sights without causing blisters? Check out Pinterest and Instagram for style inspiration and build a look book based around a few classic items such as denim shorts, crisp linen shirts and a simple black purse bag. You’ll be surprised how a bit of red lippy and spruce of your hair will take you from beach to bar.   

Write lists

Using two columns, separate out your absolute essentials such as toiletries, multi-functional footwear and basic wardrobe pieces from your nice-to-haves like that statement necklace or funky bag that you ‘might’ use should the occasion arise. By prioritising like this, you’ll identify what you really need and afterwards what you might be able to take if you have room to spare. Use a points system if you need, be ruthless and if it’s not on the list, it’s not coming in!

Do a dry run

About one week before you go, mock pack with the bag you’ll be using. This will help you see if everything you’ve selected fits in your case and, if it doesn’t, it’ll allow you to make rational decisions with plenty of time to spare. This will also help you see what needs washing and if you can’t find your staple pieces, you’ll have ample time to find replacements.

Use space well

Take toiletries out of their packaging, buy refillable miniature bottles, travel in your bulkiest items and use the rolling technique when possible – and don’t forget to stuff you’re underwear into shoes! It’s all the things your granny may have told you years ago, but it’s worth it when getting creative with the space you have might help you squeeze in that extra bikini! You can pick up handy packing organisers and compression bags that help you compartmentalise your stuff and keep things neat and tidy – there are tonnes of handy technique tutorials online if you need a bit of extra inspiration.