Why you should try Loaded Yoga

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First published: 12 October 2017

Why you should try Loaded Yoga

Find out why you should try Loaded Yoga – the workout that combines yoga and HIIT for a hardcore experience!

What is it

Loaded Yoga brings the worlds of yoga and HIIT together with an intense workout. By the end of the class you’ll feel revitalised, refreshed and probably a bit worn out. The concept was created by Hannah Jackson, the very dynamic and positive Creator and Director of Loaded Yoga. Hannah has always been a passionate yogi, but then realised that she could take her classes up a notch by incorporating weights, HIIT circuits and some banging Drum ‘n’ Bass tunes. Here’s what she had to say about her innovative idea:

“This is dubstep yoga. And that’s not an oxymoron. You don’t have much time to think – we keep the pace high to raise the average heart rate in the room, and include a variety of traditional asana, plyometrics and static holds to make sure you really feel the burn.

“We still flow through poses and move with our breath, but it’s disguised somewhat by the music and the overall vibe of the class. I want to get you up to 150mph and hold you there, before you repay your body’s hard work with a stretch and Savasana to end the workout.”

Have we peaked your interest? Of course we have! Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or HIIT addict, this workout will definitely be right up your street. Find out how we fared when we went along…

First impressions

The Loaded Yoga class that I went to took place on a Saturday morning at the Old Street branch of Gymbox. It’s no surprise that Gymbox has become such a popular gym. The atmosphere there is sizzling, as everyone is there to get down to business and conquer their workouts.

We were given 1.5kg wrist and ankle weights to strap on before the Loaded Yoga class began. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle them, having never worn weights during a class before. However, you get used to the weights sooner than you’d expect. You just have to push yourself a little bit further and work a little bit harder than normal. Plus, taking a step out of your comfort zone is good for you!

The workout

Loaded Yoga is split into three stages – fast Vinyasa sequences, plyometric HIIT routines and stretch & Savasana. The class is designed to challenge you in a number of ways. You’ll find your balance, strength and core tested, while also trying to move in time with the music. We were thrown straight into a fast-paced Vinyasa sequence at the beginning of the class, which was slightly overwhelming. However, I found myself matching the pace of the rest of the class fairly soon. I found that I could get to grips with the moves in the sequence very quickly, despite not practising yoga that often.

The second part of the class consisted of various plyometric HIIT routines. This involved 40 seconds of exercise followed by 20 seconds of rest. It may sound simple, but pushing yourself for that amount of time is surprisingly hard. The rush of pride that you feel when you complete a set of exercises makes it completely worth it. You’ll be sweating from head to toe, but at least you’ll be happy about it!

Hannah then took us through a calming stretching and Savasana routine to end the class. This gave us the chance to reflect on how much effort we’d put into our workouts and to slow our heart rates down. As much as I’d put my body through a bout of strenuous exercise, I enjoyed every second of it!

Final thoughts

As the name may suggest, Loaded Yoga is absolutely packed with tricky exercises. However, Hannah’s infectious enthusiasm, the upbeat music playing in the background and the ambience of the class will spur you on to push your body to the limit. Taking part in this class is extremely beneficial for all types of gym-goers. It gives yoga lovers the chance to add some intensity to their workouts and HIIT fanatics the opportunity to slow theirs down a bit. All in all, I’d definitely go back!

Class details

Thursdays 1:15pm at Gymbox Bank, 7.30pm at Gymbox Old Street – free for Gymbox members, or bookable with a £20 guest pass for non members.

Fridays 5.45pm at Fitness4Less Southwark – free for members, £10 day pass or £19.99 per month

For bookings, events and information on new classes, visit loadedyoga.com and follow @loaded_yoga on Instagram.

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Why you should try Loaded Yoga
Find out why you should try Loaded Yoga, the workout that combines yoga and HIIT for a hardcore experience!