How to do a spring detox

Feel renewed and recharged with our top tips on how to do a spring detox.

Spring is the perfect time for a spot of self-improvement. It’s the season of all things new. And after a bitterly cold winter that’s probably left you feeling sluggish and a little down in the dumps, a thorough spring cleaning from the inside out will ensure that you sparkle for the months ahead. So if you want to feel renewed and recharged, follow our top must-do’s for a healthy body makeover.

Drink water

We often forget the importance of drinking water during winter, but chugging back H2O really is the simplest tip to cleanse your body from the inside. Staying hydrated helps to stop bloat and stimulates your liver to detoxify. Leave yourself little prompts by stashing a bottle of water in your handbag, leaving one on your desk at work and keep a jug of water flavoured with lemon and cucumber in your  fridge.

Get outside

After hibernating most of the way through winter, spring is the time to throw off the duvet and appreciate the great outdoors. Take advantage of the green spaces in your area and breathe in the fresh air – deeply. Deep breathing helps you to relax, feel more energised and will also stimulate your digestive and lymphatic system.

Prioritise sleep

Sleep is a natural detoxifying agent. It allows your body to renew on a cellular level, and keeps your immune system in check. Not getting adequate sleep (think eight hours), stresses your body, slows your metabolism and makes you more prone to storing fat. If you find it difficult to switch off, allow yourself an hour of chill out time before you hit the hay. Sip on chamomile tea, have a hot bath and listen to soothing classical music in the run up to bedtime.

Ditch processed foods

The first rule of any good detox is to cut out bad-for-you foods and eat more of the good. Swap sugar, and junk food for fresh fruit and a ton of veggies – especially brightly coloured produce and natural detoxifiers such as fennel, artichoke and lemon. Aim for nine portions daily and munch on lean protein (quinoa, lentils meat and fish), small amounts of complex carbs (brown rice, wholemeal bread) and good fats (nuts, seeds and olive oil).

Body brush daily

Dry body brushing helps to stimulate your lymphatic system to help rid itself of toxins – best of all it’s super-easy to do. Invest in a firm-bristled brush and brush the skin all over your body using short strokes towards your heart every day before you shower.