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First published: 12 September 2017

Need a new challenge? HiPer Zone at Transition Zone might be just what you need.

What is it?

Transition Zone is a small group and personal training gym, in the heart of Parson’s Green, Southwest London. The open-plan space is host to a number of challenging, inventive classes, with scientific research at the core of the offering.

HiPer Zone is their newest concept. Combining exercise and technology, the High Performance Zone (HiPer Zone) uses state-of-the-art heartrate monitoring equipment to allow participants to monitor their progress throughout the class.

The session is split into three different workouts:

Endurance – Focuses on stamina and encourages you to work at over 70 per cent of your max heartrate

Speed – Hard and fast, you will be pushed to work at over 80 per cent of your max heartrate

Power – Explosive movements will get you in the high intensity zone and over 90 per cent of your max heartrate

HiPer Zone follows a circuit-based format and uses a range of equipment to keep your body guessing. Your performance is tracked on a screen throughout and Transition Zone coaches then use the data and evaluate it to optimise every person’s training session.

The highlights

For the 45 minutes of HiPer Zone, you really do push yourself harder than you thought possible. There’s not a lot of rest time, but somehow you still manage to keep going. The variation of exercises and equipment really mixes up the workout and keeps it interesting, we used everything from a wall climbing ladder and squat rack to jump boxes.

Being able to monitor your heartrate on the screen throughout the class adds a sense of validation to your hard work and pushes you just that bit harder. I don’t usually like to compare my workouts to other people’s – in terms of how fast I can run or how heavy I can lift – but I didn’t mind in this case, as there was a feeling of ‘we are all in this together’ and everyone just wanted to reach that top heartrate zone.

Another great thing about the class is the attention you receive from the coach. Working out with lots of equipment and weights can be nerve-wracking is you’re not sure of what you’re doing, but the group was small enough to ensure the instructor was always there to encourage you and check in on your technique. It also meant there was no hiding and taking it easy!

Hardest bits

The class in itself was very challenging, you’re constantly jumping, running, boxing etc and it can be a little hard to keep up, but after a couple of classes I’m told it becomes second nature. The lack of significant rest meant by the end you are seriously sweating and ready to collapse to the floor, but isn’t that what most of us want from a high-intensity workout?

The verdict

Not for the faint-hearted, but well worth it for a high-intensity workout which is pretty much guaranteed to make a difference to your fitness and health. If you are looking for something sweaty, fun, challenging but safe then definitely give this a go. I recommend mixing it up with a variety of the Endurance, Speed and Power classes throughout the week, and even throwing in some Reformer Pilates Chair and Power Plate classes at Transition Zone for a good balance of intensity and recovery.

New clients get two classes for the price of one at £25.00, there are also a range of membership options.

Find out more here transitionzone.co.uk

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HiPer Zone at Transition Zone
Need a new challenge? HiPer Zone at Transition Zone might be just what you need