These foods will cure your hangover

25 April 2017 by
First published: 29 April 2017

If you’ve had a heavy night and woken up with a sore head, these foods will cure your hangover.

When the hangover hits the majority of us want to drown our sorrows in endless amounts of greasy carbs and cups of tea. But do we ever feel any better after this? Most likely not. Even after a call to dominoes and a cookie binge, your head is still thumping and you’re still feeling limp. Although the only real cure for a hangover is…well…not to drink, there are things to help reduce your symptoms.

Here are the top 10 foods which could actually help get rid of that grotty, hungover feeling.


Alcohol is a diuretic, draining fluids out of your system and causing dehydration. Queue the pounding headache. Drinking a glass of water between alcoholic drinks will help you you stay hydrated and possibly make your hangover a less severe one. But if that’s too late- drink as much water as possible the next day!


According to a study published by the Institute of Food Technology, asparagus is the new go-to food staple if you want to avoid a hangover. The results saw that biological functions of asparagus can help alleviate alcohol hangover and protect liver cells. Results were found higher in the leaves than the shoots! Fry in olive oil and serve up with some grilled chicken.


Ah eggs. Our versatile friends. Scramble, boil or poach for a high protein breaky that will do a lot more for your than a greasy fry-up. Eggs, particularly the yolk, contain significant amounts of cysteine, an amino-acid that can break down toxins that cause the hangover in the first place.


Potassium is an essential nutrient needed for muscle function and something which will need restoring after a boozy night out. Alcohol makes you pee, a lot. This flushes out important minerals, particularly potassium. Bananas are the most popular source of potassium and easy to eat in a number of ways. They’re natural sweetness are also a great way to curb your hungover sugar cravings. Slice up on toast with peanut butter or mix into greek yoghurt.


Being hungover is on the same level as having the flu, right? A big bowl of comforting vegetable soup serves both. The liquid will help to re-hydrate your body and the veg will provide you with lost nutrients. Buy a vegetable stock cube and make your own broth by simmering anything you like; carrots, parsnips, broccoli. Add chicken for a meaty, protein packed soup.


A bowl of porridge is ideal to satisfy carb cravings and provides essential nutrients like B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and iron. They will provide you with energy and keep blood sugar levels at bay, meaning you are less likely to be giving Pizza Hut a call. Top with fruit and sprinkle with cinnamon to add sweetness.


Research has shown that the digestion of fructose competes with that of alcohol, forcing your body burn alcohol at a faster rate, sending you on a speedy recovery. Squeeze honey, a perfect source of fructose, over yoghurt, spread on toast or blend into smoothies.

Herbal tea

Avoid caffeine, which will only dehydrate your further, and opt for ginger and peppermint teas. Both of these are known for relieving nausea and settling the stomach. Chamomile is also great for calming the nervous system, helping you to sleep better and hopefully wake up feeling brand new.


Salmon contains plenty of B6 and B12 vitamins, both of which become depleted after consuming alcohol. Low levels of these B vitamins have been found to intensify hangovers, causing you to feel light headed and dizzy. Pair salmon with scrambled eggs and a side of avocado or a classic high fat, healthy breakfast.


Easy on the tummy and forever comforting, you can always rely on a bit of toast to make you feel better. A night after drinking means your liver is busy metabolising alcohol and so struggles to regulate blood sugar levels as it usually does. Providing your body with a slow release carb source will help take control and bring you body back to normality.