Can yoga boost your sex life? This expert thinks so

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First published: 10 October 2017

Can yoga boost your sex life? This expert thinks so!

We asked top yogi Sarah Drai: can yoga boost your sex life? Here’s what we found…

A change in hormone levels, medication, illness, a poor sleep cycle and stress can all contribute to a low libido. While a lack of interest in sex is completely normal from time to time, if you’ve experienced it, you’ve probably also explored some of the ways to get it back on track. There are numerous remedies out there, but is yoga one of them?

Can yoga boost your sex life? According to Sarah Drai, co-founder of Yogi2Me, it can. ‘Studies show that yoga can improve your sex drive!’ she says. How? ‘This is mostly thanks to how flowing through the asanas improves the flow of blood around the body,’ she explains. ‘However, better blood flow is not the only reason that yoga is great for your libido; the emotional advantages are key.’

Indeed practising yoga can help to decrease your stress levels, find peace in your mind and to better understand yourself, your wants and your needs – all important things when trying to better connect with ourselves and our partners. ‘When you reach this place, you may soon find that your sex drive becomes more consistent and your sex life becomes everything you want it to be!’ says Sarah. Want in? Here’s how.

What is your Mula Bandha? And why should you squeeze it for a better orgasm?

‘Mula Bandha is a fast track way to better sex!’ Sarah says. Bold claims – but what is it? ‘Mula Bandha is a yogic concept that is involved with channeling and encouraging the flow of energy through the root chakra,’ Sarah explains. ‘It also helps to tone the pelvic floor muscles, which can improve the intensity of your orgasms.’

So how do we do it? Mula Bandha simply takes a bit of concentration. ‘In order to apply Mula Bandha you must learn how to contract and relax the perineal muscles in sync with your breathing,’ explains Sarah. ‘You can then action this as you hold each yoga pose. To do this, imagine that you are trying to stop the flow of your urine. The male version would be lifting your third leg without using your hands!’ says Sarah.

Yoga poses for libido

Certain yoga poses get the blood flowing better than others, so it’s great to incorporate them into your existing practice, or simply engaging in them daily for a few minutes. Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana), for example, stimulates the heart and opens up the hips. ‘Holding this pose will immediately improve the blood flow to the pelvic area, and optimum blood flow in this part of your body is connected to arousal,’ explains Sarah. ‘Stay in this position for a few minutes, breathing deeply in and out as you do.’

Bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana) is another fantastic move to create an intense stretch in the hips. ‘Holding this pose actually provides some of the same benefits as doing Kegal exercises,’ Sarah says. ‘Once you feel your buttocks engage, you can now try to apply Mula Bandha as you bring the hips slightly higher. Hold your body in this position for between four and ten deep breaths, before slowly lowering the spine back towards your mat to release and exit the pose.’

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