Best places to eat out with an allergy

20 April 2017 by
First published: 4 August 2016

Where are the best places to eat with an allergy? It’s a question many can’t dine out without asking. With around 1 in 5 people having some level of food sensitivity (some of which are life-threatening), knowing what goes into your food is a must. While sufferers aren’t deterred from eating out, a survey conducted by found that 55 per cent do check online menus before going out. So wouldn’t it be nice if all that information was in one place?

That’s why has created an at-a-glance guide to bring you all the allergen information you could ever want for a wide range of the most popular restaurant brands across the UK. Allowing you to make informed decisions about where and what to eat, you’ll never have a boring – or dangerous – meal out ever again.


Take a look at our pick of the best places to eat out with an allergy.


Gluten free – ASK Italian

Gluten-free accredited by Coeliac UK, ASK Italian (which, FYI, stands for ‘Authentic Sicilian Kitchen’ if you didn’t know), caters widely for those with a gluten intolerance. With an entire menu devoted to gluten-free alternatives, you can choose from Pasta Bolognese, Risotto Pescatore and Chocolate Gelato to name but a few, for a truly scrumptious Italian. And with a staggering 137 locations in the UK, you’re never far from your new-found favourite restaurant.


Nut free – Pret a Manger

Forever a lunch go-to in the WHL office, Pret a Manger offers everything from savoury breakfast croissants to Japanese sushi, every time delivering a healthy, nourishing meal. But did you know that Pret offers a wealth of nut-free dishes, too? In fact, there are currently 171 peanut-free offerings, and 114 tree-nut-free, so you can enjoy a great lunch on-the-go, not only minus the nuts, but minus the worry, too.


Dairy free – Nando’s

Struggling with a dairy allergy? With 34 milk-free meals, Nando’s is a safe – if surprising – bet if you’re looking to dine out. Its Portuguese offerings have become staples within the restaurant world and it’s not hard to see why. Service is quick, prices are affordable, but most of all, the food is amazing, including mild lemon and herb chicken, spicy wings and mushroom and halloumi wraps. Cheeky Nando’s it is then!


Soya free – Chiquito

Finding your next Taco Tuesday destination may not be all that hard, but if you suffer with an aversion to soya, things can get a little trickier. Or can they? Help is on hand with Chiquito, an all-singing, all-dancing Tex Mex hub, serving up everything from traditional fajitas and tacos to authentic Mexican street food like empanadas. The best bit? The restaurant offers allergy sufferers a whopping 127 soya-free meal options so the problem won’t be what to have; it will be what not to have! It’s a hard life…


Egg free – Loch Fyne

From the batters to the sauces, egg can crop up more than you’d think in your favourite fish finds. For a real #MeatFreeMonday treat, head to one of Loch Fyne’s 41 locations, where you’ll discover 38 dairy-free dishes. Expect a wide range of fish and seafood, freshly caught and cooked to perfection.


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