Get on your bike for Cycle to Work Day

17 August 2017 by
First published: 15 August 2017

Make a note in your calendar, because Cycle to Work Day is taking place on 13 September and it’s the perfect opportunity to get active. Last year, over 45,000 cyclists hopped in the saddle for it, with a whopping 673,438 miles being cycled in total.

Whether getting on your bike is just a way to swerve the traffic or you’re looking for a new way to get in shape, joining the thousands of fellow newbies pedalling to make a difference next month could literally change your life. Here’s how…

The health benefits are beyond belief

According to the British Heart Foundation, almost two out of five British adults fall short of the recommended levels of physical activity. Hopping onto the saddle and peddling your way from A to B instead of driving or taking the bus is an easy solution to this. There’s no need for an expensive gym membership, and no excuse that you don’t have enough time. Turn your commute into exercise.

Nothing beats that endorphin rush

Sure, you might get strange looks when you get into work, soaking wet from rain, red in the face and grinning from ear to ear, but that rush of happy hormones you get from biking to work can’t be beat. Not only will you feel super smug when you reach your destination, the lasting effects of regular exercise include a reduced amount of stress and anxiety, too. So don’t wait for the weekends to relax, let your weekly cardio commute take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Start saving more

Think of how much money you put into filling up your tank each month or to use public transport. With a bike, all you need is a single investment. Learn to do your own repairs and save even more, your bike is a handy piece of kit that will hit your quads harder than your bank account.

Up the calories

If you’re wanting to shift a few pounds but find yourself snacking too often to ever see results, becoming a regular bike commuter will allow you to indulge a little more. Instead of sitting down in the car or on the train, you’ll be spending that time doing some hardcore cardio. You need to fuel all of those extra miles you’re travelling, but make sure that you’re doing it right and giving your body the nutrients that it needs. A bike cannot run on cake alone – believe us, we’ve tried!

Beat the traffic

You know the scene, you’ve been sat on the bus for an hour, on a commute which should take you less than half that time. It’s right about this time that you wish you were one of those lycra-clad speed-machines that zip past your car during rush hour, are we right?

Still not convinced? Give it a go just for a day on 13 September. We reckon you’ll change your mind.