5 ways to avoid the gym

22 May 2017 by
First published: 25 May 2017

That’s right, we’re saying you don’t have to go – here are 5 ways to avoid the gym.

According to a recent survey carried out by Banana Moon Clothing, one in 10 of us with a gym membership have gone a year without stepping a foot through the door. Lack of equipment, too many people, sweaty benches, awkward changing room encounters… Sound familiar? These are all reasons why we are fed up with the gym. For many of us who are commuting to and from work, the only time to make it to the gym is by around 6pm. Rush hour. One in five people said they would often avoid the gym because it was too busy. Then one skipped workout turns into two, three, four missed workouts… But here’s how to avoid the gym and still get in a session!

Go swimming

Swimming is the ultimate total-body workout, incorporating various muscles as well as testing your cardio. Find your local swimming pool and dive in. With the potential to burn more than 200 calories in just half an hour, you don’t need to spend ages in the water for this to be effective. Set a goal time for completing 15 lengths and try to beat yourself each week.

Hit the park

Parks are full of alternatives for equipment, as well as huge open spaces for you to work out in. Try sprints up and down a hill for a dose of intense cardio. If you want something gentler, go for a jog and enjoy the fresh air! Park benches can be used for triceps dips, press-ups, step-ups, box jumps, Bulgarian split lunges and, finally, resting! Make up a circuit from a few of these ideas and try doing each move for 30 seconds, then resting for 30. Repeat your circuit 4-5 times and you’ll find your heart is racing.

Drop into classes

Afraid of commitment? Drop-in classes are ideal for those of us who don’t want to say yes to a 12-week block. Pay as you go and rock up when you feel like it. These are great for trying out new things and squeezing in workouts when you find yourself with a spare hour here and there. Most classes will offer a pay-as-you-go rate.

Flick on YouTube

Fitness channels have spread across YouTube, with all types of workouts available to view from the comfort of your laptop screen. Free of charge, you can stream yoga, HIIT, Pilates, bodyweight circuits…whatever takes your fancy. Pause if you can’t keep up, rewind if you missed something or fast-forward to the good bits. Not a queue in sight. Check out the Tone It Up duo to start you off.

Join a run club

If you enjoyed the social aspect of going to the gym, then join a running club. You’ll meet new, like-minded people while exercising and avoid the stress of the gym altogether. Having other people to workout with can be supportive and spur you on when you’re just about to give up.