5 reasons to love kettlebells

10 February 2015 by
First published: 17 February 2015

Whether it’s their fat-burning wonders or their combined strength and cardio blast in one, here are just 5 reasons to love kettlebells.

In almost every gym you’ll see a rack of kettlebells in increasing sizes, and occasionally you’ll see someone pick one up and swing it around in a number of configurations. This stealthy little piece of strength training equipment could be the key to revitalising your fitness routine and getting you closer to your goals. As well as burning fat and boosting strength and cardio, kettlebells can also increase endurance and stamina as well as give you a core of steel. If you’re not already using them, then you’re missing out.

‘Kettlebell training is good for different types of goals and purposes,’ says London-based personal trainer, Mena Ntueba. ‘It’s an effective and efficient compound movement to help lose weight, promote power, core stability while changing direction, increase muscle endurance as well as cardiovascular strength (stamina) for a healthy heart. With the right technique, support and guidance from a trained instructor the possibilities are endless.’

Kettlebell exercises are brilliant for losing weight; they help you burn fat at a remarkable rate while also developing your muscles.

If that isn’t enough to convince you here are five reasons to love kettlebells:

Burn fat and lose pounds

When it comes to training with kettlebells, swinging around a metal ball is hard, sweaty work.

Kettlebell exercises are brilliant for losing weight; they help you burn fat at a remarkable rate while also developing your muscles. The fast-paced, dynamic movements mean you get the benefits of resistance training and aerobic exercise at the same time, which means you’ll get one hell of a workout and torch a significant amount of calories.

The resistance training creates lean muscle mass, which will burn calories from your fat stores all day while increasing your resting metabolic rate, resulting in a decrease of body fat percentage over time.

Lose the jiggle

Kettlebell workouts work a variety of different muscles and as a result can tighten and tone your whole body. The action of controlling the momentum of the kettlebell while swinging it in different patterns and directions means you use not only your larger muscles groups but you’ll also use your stability and fixator muscles throughout the workout, too.

Improve balance and posture

Working out with kettlebells is brilliant for improving your posture. Using so many muscles groups in conjunction means your core stays engaged throughout which will improve stability. Loads of exercises performed with kettlebells also strengthen the posterior chain (the muscles attached to the spine), meaning you’ll stand up straighter and experience reduced back problems.

One misconception of kettlebell training is that all you do is swing. This is far from the truth as kettlebells are all about creating and controlling momentum and as the muscle groups used for this strengthen, your balance will improve, too.

Get abs of steel

Kettlebell training will give you one hell of a core workout. The uneven distribution of weight from its odd shape means that when you swing, pull or lift it you have to work harder to engage your muscles to maintain your centre of gravity. Using two or more muscle groups in conjunction means you’ll have to engage your core throughout the entire workout.

Put the fun in functional

From lunges and squats to overhead shoulder presses; kettlebells can help you prepare and strengthen your body to perform everyday activities. Exercises like the kettlebell walk or walking lunges imitate carrying luggage or shopping bags, while kettlebell gargoyle squats mimic the action of picking up a toddler from the ground without compromising your back.

Still not convinced? Health and fitness coach and British Kettlebell Champion Jamie Lloyd says: ‘Kettlebells are versatile. You don’t need a lot of room to get a great workout and one pair will suffice for a routine that’ll work the whole body. You can do explosive exercises that work major muscles, burn body fat, and build power, but they also add a new dimension to your training. Use them regularly and you’ll see the body you’ve always wanted.’