10 ways to get body positive this summer

8 August 2017 by
First published: 21 August 2017

The summer is a time for smiles, laughs and fun, and yet so many people end up having an awful time because they don’t feel good about themselves. We’ve had enough of brands telling you that you need to be ‘bikini body’ ready, because we know that you’re absolutely fabulous just the way you are. If you still need a bit of a boost to get those positive vibes flowing, we’ve got you covered with these 10 ways to get body positive this summer. Take on the summer feeling fantastic, from the inside out!

Pep talk

Speak to yourself the way you would to a friend. If you heard your friend talking negatively about themselves, there’s no way you’d let them get away with it! Give yourself a pep talk, remind yourself how amazing you are and keep repeating this until you believe it. You are awesome just the way you are.

Focus on the positives

When you look in the mirror, rather than looking for flaws, instead concentrate on the things you really like about yourself. Drown out any negative thoughts and swap them out for positive ones. Doing this may feel forced at first, but keep it up and you’ll naturally start naturally focusing on the positives.

Take the compliment

For many of us, our first reaction when receiving a compliment is to bat it away and refuse to accept it. If someone is complimenting you, there’s a reason for it. When your friends tell you you’re rocking your outfit, they’re not lying! Learn to take the compliment and own it.

Love your imperfections

Nobody’s perfect. Striving to achieve perfection is absolutely useless, as you’ll either end up miserable or desperately seeking an unachievable goal for the rest of your life. Imperfections make you who you are, so there’s no reason not to embrace them! They are what make you special and different after all.

Feel good fitness

Consider your goals. If you exercise with the sole purpose of losing weight or looking good in a bikini, it’s never going to be that satisfying. However, if you exercise to feel good, to boost your energy and to become more powerful, you are no doubt going to feel absolutely awesome about yourself. Nothing quite beats the rush of an effective workout that makes you feel strong and fit.

Positivity everywhere

Surround yourself with positivity, whether that means writing empowering quotes on your mirror, waking up with a smile or hanging out with friends who lift your spirits. When you make an effort to place yourself in a supportive environment, you’ll soon notice the difference it has on your mood and overall outlook on life.

No comparisons

What’s the point in comparing yourself to anyone else? Every single person on this earth is completely unique. You’re never going to look like that person on Instagram, nor should you want to. You’re you, and you’re incredible. Comparing yourself to others will only bring you down. Aiming to become the best possible version of yourself is the way forward.

Ignore the numbers

Numbers on the scale, numbers on the label on the inside of your dress… They don’t matter! As long as you’re feeling good, living healthily and loving life, the numbers are completely irrelevant. Plus, most shops size clothes differently anyway!

Practise what you preach

Once you get into the hang of thinking positively about yourself, start encouraging others to do the same. The more positivity the better we say!

New goals

At this time of year, the ‘bikini body’ messaging starts to really heat up. But, we think it’s time to set some new aims for the summer. Perhaps you’re going to see how many foodie festivals you can go to, or find the best outdoor cinema viewing of La La Land. Whatever your new summer goal is, we’re right behind you!