10 ways to boost your digestion

18 May 2017 by
First published: 22 May 2017

Whether you suffer from indigestion after meals or can’t keep bloating under control, here are 10 ways to boost your digestion – all simple strategies that could help to ward off gut woes for good. Hello, happy tummy!

1 Start your day with a hot drink

A healthy liver equals healthy digestion, and liver-loving lemon is one of the best ways to improve your body’s cleansing abilities. Sip on a cup of hot water with the juice of one lemon every morning to keep your liver in optimum condition.

2 Have breakfast

Munching on a bowl of porridge for breakfast is a great way to get things moving due to oats’ high fibre content. This breakfast hero also contains the amino acid glutamine, which helps to soothe an overstressed digestive system. Add a tablespoon of flaxseed and a handful of berries and you have a winning morning meal!

3 Drink water

You might not think you’re dehydrated, but unless you’re drinking a minimum of two litres of water daily the chances are your body is thirsty. Sipping water helps your body to eliminate waste effectively to minimise bloating.

4 Snack on yoghurt

Packed with tons of good-for-you bacteria, factoring unsweetened yoghurt into your daily diet will help to blast away digestive woes such as stomach aches and bloating following meals – and if you want an extra gut boost, pop a probiotic supplement every day.

5 Ditch fizzy drinks

There are two reasons why fizzy drinks won’t do your gut any favours. Carbonated drinks cause gas, plus they usually contain sweeteners, which can trigger stomach problems like abdominal bloating.

6 Chew your food

Taking time over meals can work wonders for digestion and helps to curb overeating. When you eat fast, you swallow lots of air, which in turn makes you feel uncomfortable, causing problems like heartburn.

7 Sip herbal tea

Drink digestive-supporting herbs like fennel and peppermint after dinner, as these have special properties to help stave off indigestion.

8 Eat your greens

An acidic diet, caused by eating too much meat and too many processed foods, can affect your body’s production of stomach acid, which can end up causing indigestion and bloating. Instead, follow a diet packed with fresh vegetables, especially greens such as spinach and kale – these help to alkalise your blood.

9 Have a colonic

It might sound scary, but colon hydrotherapy has been used for centuries to heal digestion. Flushing your gastrointestinal system with water helps to sweep away waste that’s been clogging up your system.

10 Juice regularly

Drinking juices and slurping on homemade soups is a good way to give your overworked digestive system a break, so try to make fresh juices and filling soups a couple of times a week as a meal replacement or snack.