Winter warmer juice

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First published: 11 January 2017

Part of your five-a-day, this citrusy winter warmer juice recipe will help to keep colds and flu at bay.

There’s nothing worse that the beginnings of a sore throat or tickly cough but this winter warmer juice recipe should be on your hitlist as a first defence. Lemons are loaded with vitamin C, which helps to ward off colds and flu; ginger is anti-inflammatory and may help to relieve a sore throat and manuka honey is loaded with cold-fighting benefits as it’s antibacterial, and all honey is renowned for helping to soothe an on-fire throat.

So, before you head to the sofa and get your snuggle on, make up a batch of this winter warmer juice!

Winter warmer juice
(serves 4 to 6)
3 oranges
3 lemons
50g ginger, grated
5 tbsp Manuka Health manuka honey


  1. Heat the juice from two of the lemons and two of the oranges with the grated ginger in a pan. Slice up the remaining orange and lemon and add to the pan. Once warm turn off the heat and add in the honey and stir until the honey has dissolved. Allow to cool and then pour into a sterilised bottle.
  2. To make the drink simply pour a small amount of the juice into a mug and top up with boiling water, adding more Manuka Health manuka honey, lemon or orange slices to taste.

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Winter warmer juice
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