Six of the most Instagrammable mini Easter eggs 

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First published: 19 March 2018

We can’t get enough of these cute and kitsch mini Easter eggs. Seriously Instagram-worthy, whole-bag-in-one-go moreish and the perfect size if you’re not after a huge egg.

Here are our fave mini Easter eggs, you’re very welcome!

Carluccio’s Half A Dozen Chocolate Hens’ Eggs 
These 68% dark eggs are the perfect size for Easter-egg-hunt stashing – even if it’s just hiding them from your other half or flatmate; who says kids have to have all the fun! The solid dark chocolate eggs have a sugar-coated shell, which is seriously satisfying to bite into. The six pastel-coloured eggs come in their own egg box and make a really pretty gift, too.£10.95, Carluccio’s

Godiva Mini Eggs
If you’re a fan of silky Belgian chocolate then you’ll love this collection of Godiva mini eggs. The box contains four delicious flavours to choose from: milk chocolate with a salted caramel centre; white chocolate with a praline centre; milk chocolate with a mousse filling and finally a dark egg with coconut. Something for everyone…if you’re sharing!
£5, Sainsbury’s

Hotel Chocolat Elizapeck Speckled Mini Chocolate Eggs
Colourful mini eggs with a speckled yellow shell, which encase a hard milk praline centre? Yes please! They’re rich and satisfying and are perfect for big kids! They also come in White speckled and brown speckled – depending on what you’re after.
£6, Hotel Chocolat

As Raw As  Orange & Goji Discs
As Raw As’s raw chocolate creations are made to order; so not only are they individual but also exceptionally fresh. These vegan-friendly, organic discs are exceptionally rich and a good-for-you version of a certain chocolate orange. Made with 70% chocolate and orange and goji, they are perfect after dinner.
From 3.99, As Raw As

Hotel Chocolat Gianduja
These melt-in-the-mouth vegan-friendly chocolates are a real treat. The super-smooth praline is made from less sugar and more cocoa than any other luxury chocolate maker, ensuring a richer, less sweet bite, which satisfies a more refined easter craving.
£6, Hotel Chocolat

BoojaBooja Fine de Champagne Chocolate Truffles (small)
These luxurious organic truffles come in a hand-painted papier maché egg, which can be used to store other precious items when you’ve devoured the truffles. These dairy- and gluten-free Champagne truffles melt in the mouth and are a real treat. With just three truffles in a small egg, these artisan painted eggs are a thoughtful gift, that keeps giving long after the chocolates are gone.
£9.99, boojabooja

Pierre Marcolini Box of 30 Caramel Animals
Pierre Marcolini is the chocolatier behind some of the world’s finest chocolates. With caramel-filled milk chocolate snails, white chocolate  rabbits and dark chocolate ducks, this box of playful Easter characters is perfect for sharing.
£29, Pierre Marcolini

If you are after a larger egg, check out our fave Show-stopping Easter Eggs, whether you’re after a vegan, dairy-free, raw, dark or milk – we’ve got a large egg for you, too.

For more sweet treats, try this Chocolate and amaretto panna cotta recipe and if you’ve over done it this Easter, try our Ultimate Fridge Detox.

Mini Easter Eggs

Mini Easter Eggs, clockwise from left to right: Carluccio’s Half A Dozen Chocolate Hens’ Eggs; Hotel Chocolat Gianduja; Pierre Marcolini Box of 30 Caramel Animals; As Raw As Orange & Goji Discs; Hotel Chocolat Elizapeck Speckled Mini Chocolate Eggs; Godiva Mini Eggs; BoojaBooja Fine de Champagne Chocolate Truffles (small)


mini Easter eggs
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mini Easter eggs
We can't get enough of these cute and kitsch mini Easter eggs. Seriously Instagram-worthy, whole-bag-in-one-go moreish and the perfect size if you're not after a huge egg.
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