Nectar nothing cocktail recipe

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First published: 10 November 2016

This alcohol-free nectar nothing cocktail recipe is packed full of health-boosting goodies like honey and immune system-boosting juice. So you can feel totally smug as you sip on it.


50ml Seedlip Spice 94

35ml PRESS Immunity Juice

10ml PRESS Wellness Tonic

10ml organic honey

1 pinch of bee pollen

1 egg white

Boston shaker

Coupé glass


Add the egg white in one part of the shaker.

Add all other ingredients into the other half of shaker.

Dry shake the ingredients (shake without ice).

Wet shake the ingredients (shake with ice).

Double strain into a coupé glass.

Garnish and serve.


Recipe courtesy of PRESS

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Nectar nothing cocktail recipe
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