Mojito recipe

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First published: 25 July 2017

Nothing says summer like a refreshing Mojito. Check out this easy mojito recipe.

Welcome to cocktail hour! ‘This refreshing Cuban classic could not be a better addition to a summer’s afternoon,’ says chef and food entrepreneur James Strawbridge. ‘If you like your cocktails fiery, add some root ginger and sugar free ginger beer to give it that extra kick’. Plus, James’s recipe cuts the cals and the sugar content. ‘The mint and citrus make this cocktail extra zesty – it’s got half the sugar of a traditional mojito too!’ he adds.

Sugar comparison (per 324g serving)

98 calories

5.6g sugar


Traditional mojito:

203 calories

25.6g sugar


30ml white rum

2tsp Clarks Carob Syrup

8-12 mint leaves

1/2 lime

Soda water

2-3 batons of finely sliced root ginger [optional]

Glass of crushed ice


Slice your lime into four segments and place in the bottom of a highball glass. Add your Clarks Carob Syrup and then use a muddler, bar spoon or rolling pin to squash the ingredients together and release the lime juice.

Clap the mint to bruise it and release the fresh aroma and rub around the rim of the glass then drop into the glass.

Use a muddler again and mix together. Pour in your rum and add in some thinly sliced root ginger. Leave for a minute while you crush half of your ice.

Half fill the glass with crushed iced and top with soda water

Garnish with a spring of fresh mint and some elderflowers, if in season.

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Mojito recipe
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