Madeleine Shaw’s 10 tips for a healthy summer

7 October 2015 by
First published: 16 May 2015

Here, we bring you nutritionist Madeleine Shaw’s 10 tips for a healthy summer. From simple food swaps to a 10-minute smartphone ban, these tiny lifestyle tweaks will make you feel amazing!

1. Keep your food exciting
Simple combinations can really help to bring your food to life. I love adding spices and herbs to my food. At the moment I’m obsessed with stir-frying pak choi with ginger and tamari, and sautéing purple-sprouting broccoli with garlic and anchovies.

2. Make simple swaps
Simple food swaps are a great way to get you looking and feeling great for summer. For instance, you can chop cauliflower into chunks and pulse for a quicker and healthier alternative to rice; change white sugar for coconut sugar; swap white sliced bread for rye and, my favourite, use courgette ribbons in place of pasta.

3. Go green
Drinking green smoothies packed full of veg is a easy way of getting all your essential nutrients. I find Savse Super Green is the perfect, convenient health boost when I’m running to my next Pilates class and it tastes just as good as a homemade smoothie.

4. Choose whole foods
My ethos is that I only eat foods you can grow, raise or hunt and stick to whole, unprocessed, seasonal and local foods. They provide you with much more energy and help to stop the sugar-craving cycle!

5. Relax!
Stress management is key – do yoga, breathing exercises and try mediation to help you relax. This is guaranteed to leave you feeling calm and get your skin glowing!

6. Embrace good fats
Healthy fats do magic for your skin – I find cooking with coconut oil an easy way to get more healthy fat into my diet.

7. Banish blue light
Try to take 10 minutes for yourself every day away from phones and other electronic distractions.

8. Breakfast like a queen
To curb those cravings when you’re on the go, start the day with a big breakfast (salmon and eggs is always a winner). Snacks I make to carry around with me are: walnut-stuffed dates and boiled eggs rolled in sesame seeds. Tamari-smoked seeds are great to munch on and a great energy boost.

9. Be prepared
Keep healthy ingredients like smoked mackerel and eggs in the fridge so you don’t turn to that Chinese takeaway at the end of hard day at work.

10. Invest in coconut oil
Swap cooking with olive oil and butter for coconut oil. It’s so good for you; use it for everything from cooking to removing stubborn eye make-up.

Madeleine Shaw is working with 100% natural, cold-pressed smoothie brand Savse to spread the word that it’s easier than ever to ‘Health Yourself’, through simple nutritional, diet and health tips. For information visit