Gin and blueberry twist

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First published: 19 October 2016

Blueberries and gin are a match made in cocktail heaven in this gin and blueberry twist. The black pepper perfectly complements the blueberries, and the lemon gives this drink a zingy twist.


Ingredients (makes 4)

1 punnet blueberries (approx. 150g)

1tbsp caster sugar

Juice of half a small lemon

2 grinds of black pepper

120ml gin

30ml Limoncello

Ice, for shaking

Soda water



Put the blueberries, caster sugar and lemon in a cocktail shaker and mash with the end of a rolling pin.

Add the black pepper, gin, Limoncello and some ice and shake well.

Put a large ice cube into each glass along with three blueberries and pour the cocktail in through a sieve. Top up with soda water.

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Gin and blueberry twist
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