Fast food joints we trust

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First published: 15 October 2017

Fast food joints we trust

Fast food joints we trust – where the food is healthy, the menu is delicious and the preparation time is cut short. Ideal!

When you hear the term ‘fast food’, chances are you automatically associate it with eating unhealthily. You think of fried food, gallons of soft drinks and post-clubbing cravings. However when you stop to consider what the term actually means, it’s literally defined as food that’s made fast. There are so many fantastic restaurants that offer fast food that’s both super tasty and good for you. We know life can seem like it’s going at a speedy pace at times, which is why we’ve put together our top healthy fast food picks.

Lovely lunches at Leon

Leon is a very popular spot for people who need food on-the-go. You’re guaranteed to enjoy a decently-sized portion of wholesome food. Their Vegan Mediterranean Mezze Salad definitely hits the spot with its combination of sumptuous foods. It contains sweet potato falafel and avocado hummus, with freshly roasted vegetables and Greek slaw. Plus, it’s only 454 calories.


Piquant flavours at Pod

When you head to Pod, you know they’re going to deliver food that’s full of flavour. Their Sri Lankan gobi is especially enticing. This hearty meal contains cauliflower, carrot, kale, lentils and quinoa simmered in low-fat coconut milk with coriander and tamarind. We absolutely love this mix of ingredients. If you’re after a lunch with a bit of a kick, then this dish is sure to do the trick!


Original dishes at Ottolenghi

Ottolenghi has gained quite the reputation for the mouth-watering food on their menu. Their philosophy is all about serving up bold and exciting food. Their ingredients are freshly sourced and as a result their dishes taste divine. The roasted aubergine with sorrel yoghurt, turmeric pickled radish, spring onion and almonds sounds like such a treat for the taste buds!

Tasty salads at Tossed

The name says it all! At Tossed, salads are their speciality. They have a massive variety of yummy salads on their menu, or you can personalise your own. The Muscle Builder salad sounds particularly scrumptious. This post-workout meal is packed with protein and includes chicken, cheddar, free range baked egg white, baby plum tomatoes and sweet potato.

£6.19 for a medium, £6.99 for a large,

Marvellous meals at Deliciously Ella

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Deliciously Ella, but have you tried the food at one of her delis? When you go to a Deliciously Ella deli, expect to leave with your appetite sufficiently satisfied. The cauliflower and red lentil dhal is a hearty and refreshing meal to opt for during autumn and winter. It contains warming cauliflower and red lentil dhal with brown rice and a mint and cucumber raita. Now that’s our kind of fast food!


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Fast food joints we trust
Fast food joints we trust where the food is healthy, the menu is delicious and the preparation time is cut short. Ideal!