5 new healthy eating trends

20 April 2017 by
First published: 27 August 2016

Here’s the 5 new healthy eating trends you need to know about! As all these trends can leave your head feeling spiralised. Can’t decide whether to start juicing, fasting or go raw? Worry not. We’re here to clear things up and tell you about the latest trends that are worth trying. In the past we’ve seen the likes of seasonal eating, bowl-only food and even the biodynamic diet (only eating food harvested in accordance with the lunar cycle). Now there are some new trends on the block, boasting great health benefits, environment-saving benefits and ones that even boost your style cred.


A twist on last year’s trend, the paleo diet. This one’s perfect for vegetarians and vegans looking to go back to basics. It still follows the same principles of eating like our prehistoric ancestors, but is purely plant based. The normal paleo diet includes eating nuts, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, but omits gluten, dairy, grains and anything artificial. The pegan diet follows the same rules, but also means there’s no eating meat or fish. It might sound restrictive, but it’s surprising how creative you can get, and it’s incredibly healthy. Some studies have shown that consuming meat can actually be harmful to humans and has been linked to certain cancers and heart disease. Yikes!

Super herbs

It’s now the norm to add a sprinkle of omega-filled seeds to your salad or superfruit powder to your smoothie, but now it’s all about the super herb! We’ve been using herbs in our food for hundreds of years, mainly for flavour, but herbs are now being more commonly used for medicinal purpose. This diet combines the two, creating a flavoursome meal that’s packed full of antioxidants that are good for your health. They can be anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and even speed up your metabolism. Try including a different herb in every meal for an ultimate health boost.

Fermented foods

It might sound a bit unsavoury, but eating foods that have undergone the fermentation process to encourage bacteria growth is actually extremely good for us. Start by adding a side of kimchi or sauerkraut to your meals, or sipping on a glass of kefir. Fermented foods restore normal levels of bacteria in the gut, which in turn boosts your all-round health. Probiotics, which fermented food is packed full of, has been shown to improve immunity, cure depression and even reverse certain diseases! All you need is a sealed glass jar, some water and a vegetable of choice to create your own fermented food at home. Best get pickling!


Part-time vegans and vegetarians are now common place, following a plant-based diet while allowing themselves the occasional piece of meat when they fancy it. Taking it to another level, the climatarian diet allows the inclusion of meat as long as it’s not from animals that graze in fields. This is because these animals produce carbon dioxide, which damages our ozone layer. Not only is eating this way better for the environment, but it’s also great for health. We all need to reduce our meat intake, especially processed or red meat, which can cause cancer and heart disease. Go green!

Black foods

It turns out that black is actually the new black. Everything from pasta to burger buns and even sweet treats are turning to the dark side. You can give your food a gothic makeover by adding in squid ink to make it go as black as the night’s sky. As well as having the ability to make your food look pretty cool, squid ink also comes with added health benefits. Not only does it boost white blood cells (helping our immune system), but it can also prevent tumours, which is pretty neat. Water is also getting a makeover by adding in activated charcoal to purify it and help remove harmful toxins from the body. Black has never been more fashionable.