8 October 2015 by
First published: 8 October 2015

There is nothing better than feeling empowered and empowering others, which is why we’re big fans of Women’s SportsNet’s #ACTIV8aFRIEND campaign!


The #ACTIV8aFRIEND teams are passionate about getting women and girls more active, so to help fitness fans across the country get their friends moving they’re encouraging everyone to join a local class, club or sports team on the 8th of every month and bring a friend. Easy, right? Then simply tweet, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat a pic or video of you and your buddy at your session with the hashtag #ACTIV8aFRIEND to spread the word!


It’s easy, it’s effortless and it’s worth doing. It can be tough to find the time and motivation for sport and fitness, especially if you’ve been out of the game for a while, but if you’ve got a friend to cheerlead you through it, it’s easy to commit and much more fun! Just think of it as an excuse to catch up with the mates you don’t see enough of – sweat it out in the gym, on the pavement or on the pitch then grab a coffee or a smoothie after for a catch up.


If you’re a fitness fan already, we don’t need to tell you how awesome it is to feel fit and healthy, so why not share your love of fitness and sport with the mates who need a bit of encouragement?


A secondary aim of this campaign is to help promote independent classes run by women – starting out in the fitness industry can be tough and competitive and we salute everyone who’s out there doing it! Want to support your local club or class? Grab a mate, get down there and get tweeting!


Just follow @wsnet on Twitter to get started.