Here’s how to be a morning person

20 April 2017 by
First published: 2 July 2016

Want more productive days? Here’s how to be a morning person. As you’ll be simply amazed by how getting a head start in the morning can be beneficial to your health both physically and mentally. We understand that the thought of getting up early doesn’t always sound appealing, but hear us out. Here’s how to thrive in the morning and make the most of your days…


  • Get an early night

It might be obvious, but getting an early night can be the first step to loving your mornings. You’ll be well rested for the early hours and you won’t feel like pressing your snooze button because you’ll have more energy than usual. One way to start this is by setting up a nightly routine and then go in with full commitment. Aim to get an early night when and where possible and slowly implement this as part of your lifestyle. Start by going to bed and getting up at roughly the same time every day. This will really help make early mornings easier, as your body will become accustomed to this. 


  • Prep your bag the night before

Preparing the night before can make your morning flow a lot easier and can save a lot of time. If you lay out your gym gear ready for the morning (where you can see it), you’re more likely to want to go, and not waste time thinking of what to wear. Also, if you have your breakfast and lunch prepared you can make sure they’re healthy and not resort to excess sugar or carbs in shop-bought food. Also, remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so do some meal prep on a Sunday by making a big batch of oats, muesli or homemade cereal bars to save time throughout the week.


  • Stay away from phones and computers

When you’re ready for bed, make the conscious effort to actually sleep, and that means relaxing your mind, clearing it of negatives and putting away your phone. Hide your most time-wasting apps in a folder or delete them completely – out of sight, out of mind – rather than letting social media waste hours of possible sleep. Free your mind: you’ll love it.


  • Work out in the morning

Exercising in the morning can boost your energy for the rest of the day, while also speeding up your metabolism and allowing you to burn more calories during the day. You’ll avoid heading to a packed gym (in the post-work rush hour) and you’ll feel like you can a lot more done during the day. Winning!


  • Sleeping with exposure to natural light

Ease into your morning by sleeping where you will be exposed to natural light, or even get an alarm clock that gradually wakes you up with light. Your body is conditioned to wake up when it senses daylight, so it makes a more relaxing alternative to that blaring alarm clock that just makes you want to just hit the snooze button.


Charlie from The Runner Beans has been working with healthy living brand Weight Watchers – helping people to get active over the summer, developing positive relationships with fitness, food and wellness. Find out more details here.