How to continue your Dry January

20 April 2017 by
First published: 1 February 2017

Reconsider that glass of rosé as we reveal how to continue your Dry January past the 31st.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully kick-started the year without booze and already notice the visible changes, increased energy as well as financial savings. While your work colleagues and your Dry Jan pals may be ready to refuel old indulgences, you could use this opportunity to continue a healthier lifestyle. Considered a detox, Dry January can either be the start of reducing your alcohol consumption for the rest of the year, a complete wipeout where you swear of booze altogether or a blip before you return to old habits. If Alcohol Concern’s campaign has given you that much-needed incentive to overhaul your life, here are the tips you need to stay booze-free or cut down in the long run.

Avoid temptation

Socialising may initially pose a challenge as with dining, partying or even inviting friends round to your house, the suggestion of ‘just have one’ is posed. However, completely isolating from social events is bound to build up frustration that could lead to a binge or make you reconsider if your efforts are worth it. Plan alternative social events, whether it’s group fitness classes in which case water will be everyone’s go-to, a night at the cinema or even a shopping trip with the cash you would’ve spent on alcohol. Meeting up in places where alcohol isn’t usually consumed helps to avoid both pressure, temptation and isolation while keeping you on track with your goals.

Continue your new hobby

Exercise, exploring and entertainment may have helped you to push through Dry January and there’s no reason to cancel your memberships or hang up your boots now. A glass or two can be a tempting way to unwind after a stressful day, but for a long-term solution, focus your attention on a new hobby – it can be just the distraction and concentration improver needed for clearer thinking. Reducing your alcohol intake is likely to see you lose a few inches around your waist, so why not completely overhaul your health by dusting off your gym membership or spending time learning how to make healthy alternatives of your favourite foods. Your new hobby can be as experimental as you desire and also another opportunity to network with people who may also be trying to live a similar lifestyle.

Indulge in other beverages

Restock your cupboards with your favourite teas and try new mocktail recipes, as reducing your alcohol intake doesn’t have to mean completely avoiding social drinking. With tea speciality shops popping up quicker than coffee houses, you and your friends can get acquainted with unusual tastes and fragrances at some of the trendiest outlets. Or alternatively enjoy a night in experimenting with mocktail making, which is probably a lot more fun than simply free pouring vodka with coke.

Stay buddied up

Remain accountable by convincing your Dry Jan buddy to continue with you or get a new dry buddy. Fundraising and participating in new hobbies is guaranteed to widen your network of people who can relate to your goal. Within our society, the stigma of not drinking often comes with the assumption you’re either pregnant or suffering from health problems, however having a buddy who can relate gives the confidence and support to persevere.

Reward progress

Reforming your lifestyle is a challenge worth celebrating in alignment with the goals you set yourself. Highly motivating, you can either set check points for recording how long you can withstand alcohol or reward your gradual reduction. Continue to track changes in your health and any improvements as well as remain motivated through the rewards you give yourself. This can be anything from a trip with the money you’ve saved from cutting your alcohol intake to simply indulging in your favourite sweet treat.

For more advice and support in reducing your alcohol intake visit your GP or confidentially contact .