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First published: 7 February 2015
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Check out the best of online fitness to weave exercise into your busy schedule.

How long did it last, then? Go, on, be honest. All those new year’s resolutions rarely make it to the end of January. In fact, surveys show January 23rd is the most common day to break your resolution. For many of us, joining a gym, shedding a few pounds or generally getting fitter and healthier were probably high on the agenda. But what we never take into account is the probability of one little thing taking over our lives – life. Pledges to make it to a spin class after work are all very well, until you’re stuck late in the office and face a long commute home in the rain. And you will go to that airy yoga studio a few miles away, just as soon as you’re done with the school run/grocery shopping/best-friend crisis/work deadline.

First of all: don’t beat yourself up. With our hectic schedules, it’s a wonder we ever get the washing up done, never mind the washboard abs. However, there is one way to shave precious minutes off your day while still shaving off the pounds. You have a huge array of classes, guidance and even personal trainers at your disposal in your living room, at the touch of a button. What’s more, chances are it’ll work out much cheaper than a gym membership, especially if you count cost per visit. And finally, the shops may be awash with gorgeous gym gear, but sometimes it’s pretty great to work out in your pyjamas.

Here’s our pick of the best online fitness offerings:

We Heart Living - The Body Coach

We Heart Living – The Body Coach

1 The Body Coach

Joe Wicks is one big bundle of energy, who rose to fame with his #leanin15 video meals on Instagram. A personal trainer and nutrition coach, he promises to transform your body in 90 days. His Shift, Shape and Sustain plan is broken down into three phases, with recipes, meal plans and training plans to help you along the way, as well as coaching via email.

Why we love it: this Instagram-friendly cheeky chappie’s raw enthusiasm will keep you coming back for more.

Cost: £147 for the 90-day Slim, Shape and Sustain plan.

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