4 things that cool you down

19 August 2015 by
First published: 23 August 2015

When the sun shines, the temps go through the roof – even if it is followed by three days of rain – so, if you’re suffering in the heat this summer, Ayurveda Pura Health and Beauty Spa offers 4 things that cool you down. That’s better.



Beat the summer heat with Natural Organic Rose Water. Apply to cotton pads in the evening and rest on eyes for a restful sleep and refreshed morning. Blissful!


Scalp oil

Massaging your scalp regularly with Brahmi Amla Oil helps to remove excess heat from the head and reduce headaches.


Drink up

Add some variety to your diet and drink a glass of buttermilk to stay cool. Simply mix ¼ glass of yoghurt with a ¾ glass of milk and add a pinch of cumin. Both buttermilk and cumin are known for their cooling properties.


Make a cuppa!

Did you know that drinking hot tea can actually help cool you down? Try Ayurveda Pura’s own range of heat reducing Refresh Tea and see for yourself.
For more information on ways to beat the summer heat, visit ayurvedapura.com.