The running shoes you need to know about

20 April 2017 by
First published: 7 November 2016

Confused about which trainers to spend your hard-earned cash on? We reckon these new Ultra Boosts from Adidas are the running shoes you need to know about…

Looking for a new pair of kicks to lace up when you next pound the pavements? How about a pair with a sturdy rubber sole for all-weather use that can also take high-impact and boasts a flexible and comfortable midsole? These are all pretty important features when it comes to running shoes, but Adidas’ new Ultra Boost Uncaged Parley trainers go one step further – they keep the environment in mind, too.

Approximately 40% of the plastic we use ends up being dumped in the ocean each year, and the impact on marine life is incredibly detrimental, especially if we don’t all play our part to resolve the issue. Just by altering our buying habits in preference of eco-friendly goods and encouraging manufacturers to choose bio-degradable and recyclable materials, we can do our part for the environment. With reports reinforcing that there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050, it’s clear that if we don’t pledge to make changes now, the effects could be irreversible. So it goes without saying that team WHL is in full support of Adidas’ efforts with their new footwear release.

In collaboration with Parley, Adidas has unveiled the Ulltra Boost Uncaged Parley trainer, crafted from 95% plastic waste found in the Maldives ocean clean-up operation and 5% other recycled materials. With the ability to not only boost running performance but also help resolve some of the grave environmental issues that we as a planet are facing today, this running shoe is style, innovation and eco-focused all in one. Featuring the signature elements of the Ultra Boost range along with a unique wave design, these shoes are the unrivalled markers of the eco-friendly future of sportswear.

If you want to do your part in the fight against climate change, treating yourself to a pair of these shoes makes it easy. Hurry though – the limited release of 7,000 globally means that they’re already in high demand. Using new technologies to produce their high-quality Primeknit from marine plastic debris, Adidas are continuing to further their commitment to use more sustainable materials.

On sale from mid-November online and in Adidas stores, make sure you sign up at to stay up to date on the innovative collaboration.