5 reasons to volunteer at Body & Soul charity

26 August 2017 by
First published: 28 July 2016

Body & Soul is a charity that promotes the respect, dignity and wellbeing of those living with or affected by HIV. It’s always looking for hard-working volunteers, so here’s 5 reasons to volunteer at Body & Soul charity.


Expand your knowledge

Did you know that nearly 100,000 people are living with HIV in the UK? More and more lives are being affected by HIV and you can raise awareness by showcasing your knowledge to the world, and myth busting the common misconceptions that still remain. Body and Soul works with dedicated professionals – including doctors and therapists – to improve the understanding of HIV and ways to safely prevent it. In fact, since coming to Body & Soul 94 per cent adults and 93 per cent teenagers have improved their knowledge of HIV – with 97per cent of British teens knowing more about the virus’ transmission and safer sex. Expect to learn something new every minute you’re volunteering with Body & Soul through their monthly volunteering training evenings.

Join lots of fundraising events

Body & Soul takes pride in its innovative and energetic team for always brainstorming on different ways to raise money to help fund its organisation. Volunteering would mean joining the team in the office, undergoing research and putting together exciting ideas for fundraising events/activities. Charity runs, workshops and parties are just a few of the many ways Body & Soul raises funds.


Make a big impact

Bring your skills to the table, along with your passion to make a difference to others in need and you have yourself an active role in the world – where the impact you make is undeniable! Volunteering at Body & Soul is not a lesson in sympathy, but in fact a transformative, life-changing development. Not only could volunteering for Body & Soul lead to a significant change in your future academic or career path, but also changes the way you view yourself and the connection make with the world around you.


Be part of a motivating team

If there’s one thing that Body & Soul does best, it’s its amazing ability to welcome members with high spirits – making sure they are kept as comfortable as possible. One of the main strategies of the charity is to reduce any isolation and stress that their members may be feeling, as well as improving their health, wellbeing and creating a voice for human rights. If you work best when surrounded by like-minded people, then what’s stopping you from becoming part of the motivating team at Body & Soul? You will have the opportunity to build relationships with many friendly faces that help run the charity, not to mention put a smile on the faces of those who need it the most.


Involve yourself in great opportunities

What makes Body & Soul extra special is its endless list of volunteering opportunities provided in order to make a difference. Why not help teach adult, teen and children programmes – specialising in drama, fashion and material arts workshops, teaching music and recording skills in their studio? Or do you have an eye for interior design? Or are brilliant at fixing things? Get involved with the development of the building and help to create an environment where people feel valued and optimistic. Your input can head in many different directions for the improvement of Body & Soul, what are you waiting for?


If you are interested in volunteering, visit bodyandsoulcharity.org or contact Volunteer Programmes Manager, Hollie Smith – hollie@bodyandsoulcharity.org for further information.