Go sober for October

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First published: 2 October 2017

Go sober for October

Go sober for October and make a difference this month.

We know what you’re thinking – why would anyone want to do that? The answer lies not only in health benefits, but also the positive effect it can have on those in need. Macmillan Cancer Support is running a ‘Go Sober for October’ initiative, where the money you save from buying alcohol can be donated to those in need. So, while you may be clutching that glass of prosecco to your chest, hear us out and it may sound more appealing than you first thought.

Say goodbye to hangovers

Perhaps the most obvious drawback of drinking is the morning, and even afternoon, after. Going sober for October will make those days huddled up on the couch a thing of the past, at least for a month, and that’s basically a gift to yourself in our opinion. Let’s Go sober for October!

No more morning after memories

We’ve all had them, those foggy recollections as we reach for the strategically placed glass of water we miraculously remembered to prep at 2am that morning. Was I really stood on that table in the middle of the pub singing ‘Shake it Off’, embarrassing myself in front of all my co-workers? The regrets of the night before, coupled with a horrific hangover, are certainly two things we won’t be sad to see go this October.

Save your money

It’s a no brainer, go sober for October and it will do wonders for your bank account – or could go towards helping others. Instead of spending £30 down the pub, that money could help you save for something special or could be put to good use by a charity like Macmillan.

Sleep like a baby

Instead of passing out on the couch after a rough night, you’ll actually get to bed at a more reasonable time and sleep through the night without waking up. And in the morning you may actually feel refreshed, instead of simply refreshing you’re alarm for an unsatisfying snooze.

Be more energetic

It’s logical that you will have more energy due to your improved sleep cycle, and you can choose to do with your newfound vigour what you will. Maybe you’ll get back into an old hobby, spend time with friends and family, or pick up a new skill. Go sober for October and you could get an entire life upgrade!

Dust off your workout gear

With all that energy, you’ll be ready and raring to go. Why not channel that into exercise and sport, dedicating yourself to that workout regime you’re always talking about. You could train for a 10K, a triathlon or a cycle challenge.

Lean out

Alcohol also contains many empty calories due to its high sugar content, and by cutting this out it’s likely you’ll start to see a leaner, lighter you, very soon!

Cut down on the calories

Alcohol messes with your blood sugar levels, which leads you to crave sugary and starchy food, which are far from good for you. By going sober, you’ll make healthier choices with your diet as those cravings subside. As a bonus, those late night, alcohol-fuelled trips to the takeaway will be a thing of the past, cutting out even more unhealthy foods.

Help others this month

Going sober for October doesn’t only have to be a positive change for you, it can also help people across the country. By pledging to go sober in the name of Macmillan, you can donate all the money you save and contributions from others to cancer care, and give back to those in need.

Feel smug

Come on, let’s not lie, in the process of your sobriety you’ll also feel just a little smug. While your mates are forking out money for another round, you can sip your mocktail and brag about how fantastic you’re feeling, how often you’ve been going to the gym and how much money you’ve raised. We’re sold! Will you join us?

For more information on how alcohol affects the body, check out our ultimate guide to nutrition.

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Go sober for October
Go sober for October and make a better difference this month for your body and for others.