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First published: 11 March 2016

Are you stressed out and just need some time to unwind? Win our therapy bundle and relax right away in your home.

During the week it can get a bit stressful and sometimes it’s good to take some time out to unwind and relax. Taking time out for yourself is never a bad thing, so give yourself a break and pick yourself up for the weeks ahead with our therapy bundle, check out our gifts that will give you the relaxation that you most deserve.

Anastasia Catris Art Therapy Book

This art therapy book is part of the newest revolution of colouring books for adult, colouring delivers a meditative experience that is deeply satisfying and comes in aid as an anti- stress for adults. Watch your mind focus on filling the pages with colours as this book becomes your new creative and therapeutic outlet.

Blueberry Body Butter

This Blueberry Butter is filled with Blueberry extract, coconut goodness, cocoa and shea butter, all the luxuries that your skin needs to feel soft, smooth and moisturised. Use this butter and let it melt into your skin after a nice hot bath to finish off your therapy session, you can’t go wrong! Smells lush too.

Sansai cellular performance gloves

Just before bed time, apply intensive hand cream to your hands and wear these gloves over , sleep soundly and the next morning your hands will be revived, soft and smooth, recovered from dryness from the winter spells.

Yankee Candle

Ahh, who doesn’t love a yankee candle? Light up this candle for a nice hot bath, clear your mind and prepare to smell the rich scent of spring and sweetness as we get closer to spring and summer. This is sure to relax your mind and put you in a great mood.

Rodin olio lusso bath bar

Creamy and rich, with a seductive scent of Jasmine and Neroli, this bath bar will turn a normal bath to a luxurious experience. Soothing, restoring and refreshing your whole body, this bar contains glycerin with skin softening benefits and essential oils, a great way to start of your therapeutic night.

FemFresh body gown

What’s a therapy session without your dressing grown, wrap up warm, and trap all the therapeutic benefits you’ve given yourself. This is the perfect addition to your therapy package.

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