Beauty treat of the week

This week we’re raving about the Bronze Buffer! If like us you’ve been reaching for the fake tan to top up your glow in the last few weeks this little baby is an absolute must-have.

Ok, so we like to think we’re pretty good at slapping on the glow, but even the tanning gurus among us have the occasional slip up.

Picture the scene: you’ve carefully exfoliated, moistursied your knees and elbows and applied your colour with precision. Next morning you shower off the top colour only to reveal an obscure streak up your right calf that just won’t budge – not a great look for your best mate’s wedding.

Enter the Bronze Buffer. Dip this little dude in water, and simply buff that streak away – and voila, a perfect tan!

No jokes, this seriously works. We’re hooked! Check it out at thisisbeautymart.com (two for £10).

bronzer - We Heart Living

bronzer – We Heart Living