5 ways to make your tan last

20 April 2017 by
First published: 19 August 2016

Hard-earned summer glow disappearing faster than the last cupcake in the fridge? Check out these 5 ways to make your tan last.


Just because the summer holidays are coming to end, it doesn’t mean your tan has to disappear too. Oh, how we envy those who can naturally keep their tan throughout the seasons – is that even possible? For most of us it seems like as soon as we step off the plane, the bronze glow from our holiday starts to fade. Before you start feeling those summer blues, put the bottle of fake tan down and get ready to glow on with our 5 ways to make your tan last for longer!



You may be thinking, hmm really? It seems like the last thing that will help to maintain your tan is scrubbing it off, but gently exfoliating your skin can effectively shred the top layer that is preventing your skin cell cycle. In fact, while tanning it’s the sun’s rays that prompt the production of a pigment called melanin in your skin, which colours the top layer of your tan. With that in mind: ‘by exfoliating, you’re removing the dead skin cells that would hinder the level of product your skin can potentially absorb,’ explains Louise Marchesin, beauty expert at Skinade. So view exfoliating as giving your skin a clean slate – the solution to a long-term glow.



Slathering yourself in a good moisturiser every day can do absolute wonders to your skin, however adding moisture soon after you tan is even more important, explains aesthetic doctor, Dr Sarah Tonks. ‘Using a clinically-proven product such as Obagi Medical’s Nu-Derm Exfoderm works to correct skin damage and improve skin tone and texture.’ According to Dr Tonks: ‘prevention is also key. Using an SPF 50 each day hydrates the skin and prevents further damage. Obagi Medical’s Sun Shield offers fantastic protection for glowing skin every day.’


Take cool showers

If you are feeling brave, turn down the hot water when you bath and aim for cooler showers in order to give your tan an extra boost of longevity. Hot baths are known to dehydrate your skin, which means your skin will be more prone to peeling. Solution? Brace yourself for a cold shower to keep your tan refreshed and glowing all day.


Stay hydrated

As the sunshine rises and weather becomes hotter, we all know how important it is to stay hydrated, particularly during the summer. The sun can be great for our skin, gives us a lovely dosage of vitamin D as well as many other health benefits, but initially it can also dry out skin out. When our skin is dry it tends to flake, causing a rough surface and uneven skin tone, which affects the look of our tan. To ensure cells stay hydrated, you need to nourish them with plenty of fluids so they can work their magic, developing healthy-looking, radiant skin both inside and out!



No need to stick to any carrot diets this summer when you can have the same beta-carotene vitamins daily in one supplement. Louise says: ‘you are what you eat and it’s true when it comes to the supplements you take as well. What’s even better about using a supplement drink is that your body takes exactly what it needs.’ She recommends drinking collagen drink Skinade for clear, radiant skin. It’s this summer’s must-have drink.