5 expert tips to get summer-ready

20 April 2017 by
First published: 20 June 2016

Look your absolute hottest with these 5 expert tips to get summer-ready. These are the handy tips and advice you need to feel like a golden goddess – and we’ve tracked down the experts in the beauty and health industry to give you the right knowledge.

Getting a flat stomach
The best way to achieve a flat stomach is to eat healthy foods. A spokesperson from the British Dietetic Association says: ‘You want to create an energy balance. This means using more energy than you consume. Eating food resources such as fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, wholegrain carbs, low fat dairy and low sugar foods, which are lower energy density foods, will help with weight loss. Another thing is to stay hydrated. Many people confuse hunger for dehydration. I recommend drinking a glass of water before a meal to avoid overeating.’

Toned abs
It’s safe to say, many of us aim to get a sculpted stomach, but it’s going to take more than just doing crunches and leg raises to get defined. So here’s what Six3nine senior trainer Edward Loveday says on the matter: ‘Getting lean and toned for the summer can be best achieved by reducing body fat and maintaining or improving muscle mass. The best way to improve and maintain the muscles is to eat a diet high in protein and nutrients and to undertake some form of resistance training (weights) or exercise. By working the muscles, we encourage new tissue to generate and this can help to burn additional body fat. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes and finding a sensible program and diet regime that you enjoy and can stick to will always be better than an aggressive or short-term method that is unsustainable.’ That’s some solid advice!

Glowing skin
All it takes is a few simple steps and a daily routine when it comes to your skin. Beauty and skincare expert Nichola Joss, who has worked with A-list celebs such as Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow, says:The best way to achieve and maintain healthy, glowing skin throughout summer is to prep skin daily. Add an exfoliating shower wash to your morning routine to gently keep skin smooth and soft, and take a few minutes after bathing to massage in a moisturising cream or oil to keep skin nourished and hydrated. I also like to add a few drops of my favourite oil into the bath at night-time to keep skin super moisturised throughout the night. Adding a subtle gradual tanning product to your routine two to three times a week will keep your skin glowing with a soft hint of golden radiance. I also like using tan luxe drops and adding them to my body moisturiser and face creams.’

Healthy hair
While you’re out in the sun and pool, you want to make sure your locks are well hydrated and moisturised, that way you can avoid having dry hair and split ends and get your mane in tip-top shape. Trichologist at Philip Kingsley, Anabel Kingsley, says: ‘Even though the sun’s rays are ‘natural’ they are very strong and can burn your hair, just like they can your skin. UV rays in fact have a similar effect on your hair as bleach – they oxidise and degrade its protein structure and damage the bonds that hold it together. UV ray exposure therefore reduces your hair’s elasticity, lessens its ability to hold a style, and increases its porosity. As a result, your locks become dry, brittle and much less manageable, dropping and/or frizzing faster than they would if they were in good condition.’

You can restore your hair’s pliability and strength by applying a weekly intensive pre- treatment, such as the multi-award winning Philip Kingsley Elasticizer.

Natural make-up
It’s all about embracing your natural look for the summer; reducing the amount of make-up and letting your skin breath. Let’s be honest, that’s better than having your face melt in the heat, right? To get the natural look, Joanne Davies, UK trainer at KIKO MILANO, says: ‘It starts with the skin. A luminous base is key. First, prepare skin with a moisturising cream (one product that could work very well for this is the new KIKO MILANO moisturizing fluid: Hydra Pro Glow). The make-up base needs to be light, with a sheer cover. Always apply foundation with circular movements using a soft buffing brush to get the most natural finish.’ And that means no more melting!