5 autumn make-up must-knows

20 April 2017 by
First published: 19 October 2016

Want to treat yourself to a new look this season? Here are 5 autumn make-up must-knows.

As the leaves start to drop and the weather changes, you know it can only mean one thing: brand new beauty trends are on their way. Treat yourself to a fresh beauty look, knowing that you are looking on point with these new beauty rules for the autumn.

Ditch the heavy foundation

This autumn, it’s clear that cakey foundation is no longer the way you want to show your face to the world. Lighter, shinier foundations are where it’s at. Think BB cream, tinted moisturiser or just a touch of concealer, for breathable but still even, coverage. And that oh-so-glowy look that all the catwalk models have.

SJ Froom, bareMinerals international make-up artist, says: ‘if you can’t decide on a foundation, choose a fuller coverage and then sheer it out with moisturiser to make it go further and give you the option of either full or light coverage.’ Not having to slather heavy foundation on every morning also prevents your pores becoming as clogged. Say ‘hello’ to your natural and healthy glow!


Save the drama for your eyes

Vivid eyes are cool this season. Think shimmery, sparkly eyeshadow or even graphic eyeliner to really let your peepers do the talking. Give yourself some sultry shading or attention-grabbing shimmer with dark colours, using winged, jet-black eyeliner for a great look on a night out. For the day, subtle blending is key for some definition.


Dark lipstick

Make a statement in the day and the night with berry, chocolate or even black lips. Dark lipstick has been everywhere on the catwalk at the Fashion Weeks. Although the thought of applying dark lipstick for work or a night out can be terrifying (who wants to be the girl with lipstick on her teeth?), there are plenty of products that will help to set it and keep it on your pout. Trust us on this one: dark lipstick is insanely flattering on most skin shades, and you can create your own full pout with some clever application techniques. But as SJ says: ‘whatever trends you adopt, I would recommend only focusing on one or two rather than all of them at once. For example, if you are having a cherry-dark lip, pair it with clear skin and groomed brows to really make an impact. ‘



Get glowing this autumn by learning how to master the highlighter. Matte skincare is soooo passé. Instead, it’s all about looking like a sun-kissed goddess. Highlighters work by attracting light, which creates the illusion of brightness and height, hence it gives that youthful illumination that make-up artists manage to create on celebrities.  And as SJ says: ‘fresh, glowing skin works so perfectly with darker lips or bolder eyes, and makes such a modern look.’



Newsflash: glitter ain’t just for arts and crafts! Steal the show on a night out by applying silver or gold glitter eyeshadow, which will make your eyes ‘pop’ and give your face a shimmery glow. Glitter gives you the chance to experiment with fun styles without looking like you’ve been let loose with your little sister’s felt tips – whether it be dots at the corners of your eyes to enhance the width, or a sweep of shimmer dust to give you a glow.