Beauty tips from around the world

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First published: 24 February 2018

Beauty tips from around the world

Learn from these beauty tips from five countries that we could take advice from. It’s time to take inspiration from around the globe!

We are always on the lookout for new tips and tricks to keep our beauty regime up-to-date. Recently we’ve been casting our gaze to other countries, seeing what we can learn from women around the world. While some of these products and practices may seem strange, they work wonders for others. People swear by them, so why not join us and give them a go.


The Arctic Cloudberry is a berry which grows in the marshes and bogs of Finland. It’s quickly becoming a staple in many skincare brands. The benefits of the fruits include younger, more radiant skin, and who wouldn’t want that? They are packed with omega-3 and 6, which promote healthy looking skin. Plus, they contain many other vitamins and antioxidants. Sounds like a package deal to us. Try them yourself in lines such as Clarins and Lumene.


Asia is well-known for its focus on skincare. This obsession has made its way quickly over to the West. We’d love to say goodbye to foundation and concealer and hello to a luminous complexion. So, we’re happy to listen to beauty tips from half way across the world any day. In Korea there is a focus on massage creams. These are much like moisturisers yet are applied in a certain way. They are massaged into the face in smooth motions, thus stimulating healthy circulation, which in turn aids the removal of toxins from under the delicate skin, leading to a better complexion. Top tip: Make sure your hands are warm when applying to help the product fully absorb.


Are you looking for tighter, healthier looking skin, whether it be for the perfect beach photo or a night out on the town? Look no further than Brazilian Bum Cream, made using Guarana, a plant found in Brazil and used by natives as a stimulant. Well-known for their bikini prowess, Brazilian women swear by the ingredient as it is one of the highest sources of caffeine, containing much more than the coffee bean, and thus has a temporary plumping effect. This makes the skin look much tighter and younger, and minimises cellulite by maximising circulation. Another Brazilian secret to achieve perfect skin is oatmeal flakes. These are used to soothe skin and irritation in the hot weather. Dr Maryam Zamani, a leading aesthetic doctor, recommends placing oatmeal in a gauze bandage, tying this around your bathtub faucet, and allowing cool water to flow through the oats and bathing in the water.


Well-known for its use in cooking and vibrant colour, turmeric is also a key ingredient in the beauty rituals of Indian women. The root is often combined with yoghurt and honey to create a type of mask. This is then applied to both the face and body. The effects are visible, with turmeric acting as an anti-inflammatory to puffy skin and having a softening effect. So grab that jar from the back of the cupboard and put it to good use, and save yourself money on expensive products in the process. Saffron is another popular spice used in India which, despite its exotic flavour and aroma, can act against acne and blemishes, states Dr Zamani.


Looking for a remedy to rid you of that pesky dandruff or itchy scalp? Then its time to listen to the people of Croatia. In Croatia there’s a tradition that involves boiling nettles and using the water to wash your hair, which is now backed up with scientific evidence. Nettles are an anti-inflammatory, as well as being rich in silica and sulphur, which are proven to make hair shinier and healthier. So if you are looking to invigorate your locks, get out into the garden and collect some nettles, just be careful not to sting yourself in the process!

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Beauty tips from around the world
Learn from these beauty tips from 5 countries that we could take advice from.