More Mile ‘The Beast’ Foam Roller review

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First published: 6 July 2017

More Mile ‘The Beast’ Foam Roller review

Check out our More Mile ‘The Beast’ Foam Roller review and find out why it’s giving its pricey counterparts a run for their money!

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Fitness equipment

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Four out of five

Key features

-Great value
-Lightweight and compact

In a nutshell

Foam rolling is crucial for any fitness fanatic, but it can also be costly. For the humble price of £9.99, ‘The Beast’ Foam Roller is an absolute steal.

Why we like it

Foam rolling is necessary in the releasing of tight muscles and easing of exercise-induced soreness. It’s an important part of any athlete’s arsenal regardless of level, but can often come at a cost. Not this one. Designed to massage aching muscles, this foam roller boasts various raised bumps that are firm yet flexible – like the thumbs of a massage therapist – to knead the contours of the body and gently stretch soft tissue in multiple directions. And, quite frankly, the difference between this and other high end rollers on the market is hard to detect. Ideal for home use but equally easily fitted into a gym bag, this lightweight all-rounder is a great entry level roller.

The details

Size: 33cm x 14cm
Weight: 721g

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