Kfit Trainer review

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First published: 17 July 2017

Kfit Trainer review

If you’re a keen at-home gym-er then the Kfit Trainer review is worth a read.

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£69.99, kfittrainer.com


Sports equipment

Our rating:

Four out of five

Key features:

-Versatile 7-in-1 fitness tool
-Compact in size
-Comes with a guide to over 500 different exercises

In a nutshell:

A weighted fitness tool that can be used for hundreds of moves, often in place of a barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell. It can also be used as a foam roller or ab roller.

Why we like it:

I love a good bodyweight session at home when I can’t make it to the gym, but sometimes a little added resistance goes a long way. Rather than having dumbbells, a barbell, a kettlebell, a foam roller and an ab roller at home cluttering up your living space, this one can be used in place of all of them. It provides a little added resistance and the guide it comes with is certainly useful in helping you get creative with all the moves you can do. However, it doesn’t substitute moves like back squats, super heavy lifting or most exercises in which you’d regularly use two dumbbells. It packs away neatly and you can also buy varying weight plates for it to cater for different moves and levels. Handy as an addition to your usual at-home sessions.

Kfit Trainer review

The details:

-A useful addition to at-home workouts
-Packs away neatly
-Can be used to work the whole body

Kfit Trainer review

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